Why Odoo Is The Best Small Business ERP?

Small businesses are always in the transition phase of growing, their requirements are a mix of maintaining staff, generating leads, and retaining clients. As Odoo ERP customization

Experts especially for small businesses we do precisely that, with modules designed to generate, track and monitor leads, better manage resources and assets, small businesses will have the ability to nurture each lead and prosper according to their specific requirements. As far as retaining customers is concerned, an efficient ERP is all a business needs and we have solutions to make it better. As a well-known provider of  Odoo customization services in India, we make sure you and your business reach all your growth. Odoo software provides seamlessly integrated functional business apps called Odoo apps that form an ERP solution when combined.

So What Are The Things To Look For In Small Business Odoo ERP Software?

In short, look for features that generate revenue and which help you manage your business better. Look for features that have an emphasis on the basic foundations of your businesses instead of features that are not suitable for your business., As a leading provider of  Odoo customization services in India, we will provide you with an Odoo solution that caters to all your business needs. Some of the features to look out for are

Usability – Make sure the ERP system you are using is easy to use and has features that are relevant to your business. Since you are a growing company, make sure the enterprise resource planning has features to manage your employees (whom you will be hiring more), a feature to help with marketing (you are expanding your business), a feature to manage leads (better marketing brings in more leads), and more. As an Odoo customization service provider, we will make sure that all the modules contribute to your bigger business goals.

Customer support team – your business most probably does not have a full-fledged IT support team. We at Nevpro have that, in fact, you are more than welcome to contact our customer support 24/7 to help with your queries. We are happy to with queries ranging from feature support to technical support.

Automation –  Our Odoo customization services can provide your business with automation features to help you and your employees to skip on boring tedious repetitive tasks such as entering lead details and responding to emails. This feature pushes employees and entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas rather than to be bogged down doing repetitive tasks.

Customization – your business is unique as you and your customer’s requirement, with small you can customize Odoo enterprise resource planning softwares for Small Business to suit the needs and requirements of your business. From creating pages for employees (which can be further customized to what they see on the page)  to creating a contact form for customers, our ERP Software for Small Business lets you have the ability to unlock its true potential. As a well-known Odoo customization service provider, we have clients from many different industries and sectors. 

Process & Reporting

Make sure that the ERP is customized to your specific business process, the ERP should be able to handle the surge in demands for products and services well. Every ERP has the ability to generate reports, make sure that your custom ERP generates reports according to your specifications. Generate separate reports for your sales department, customer service departments, and other departments so you can see how your departments are working on an individual level. As a trusted Odoo customization service provider, we make sure you get reports from which your business will gain meaningful insights. 

We offer a complete range of  Odoo ERP implementations & customization. Our team comprises of qualified experts who have extensive experience in the Odoo ERP customization and Odoo implementation. At Nevpro, we understand your business requirements and provide an exclusive tailor-made Odoo ERP solutions to help your business unleash its true potential in the global marketplace and grow extensively! Nevpro is best ERP software company in India. If you want to hire dedicated Odoo Developer visit here.


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