Why Businesses Are Opting For Customized ERP Solutions?

Finding an ERP System that fits all the criteria on your checklist could be a hectic task. There are so many types of ERP Systems available in the market offering you a wide array of distinctive features. Using an ERP solution with features that would make no sense to your business or one that lacks some essential features needed for your business will only be a pitfall.


customized erp solutionsA research carried out by Panorama Consulting firm revealed that 95% of businesses, the small and big choice to pick an ERP solution that is the best possible fit for their business process and go for customizing a thing or two in it. customized ERP solutions help a business meet the needs of all of its processes without having to change any functioning in a process to match the software features. An out-of-the-box system with some customization done to suit a business’s needs is what most of the businesses are going for these days. This is the reason why CIO’s are opting for the “less customization but best customization route” choosing custom ERP development over vanilla. ERP solutions like Odoo provide you with systems that give you a more predictable and reasonable deployment making the upgrades less disruptive and easy for a business. Nevpro offers a complete ERP solution with features like Odoo implementation which includes everything from customization to deployment and training to help organizations define and manage requirements efficiently. Reach us at [email protected] to know more about our Enterprise Resource Planning Solution.