Scaffold is a python Package which can be used for Automatic Creation of custom module directory structure.

In which it will create all the necessary files with its Library import, commented class, record template, manifest file, list view definition, actions opening views on models, and menu categories.

Use this command & save your time instead of creating different files for the same.

Command to run in terminal:

/opt/odoo-10$ ./odoo-bin scaffold custom_module /opt/odoo-10/addons

Each project you scaffold will create the following directory structure:

  • custom_module / controllers /,
  • custom_module / demo / demo.xml
  • custom_module / models /,
  • custom_module / security / ir.model.access.csv
  • custom_module / views / templates.xml, views.xml
  • custom_module /
  • custom_module /

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