What is Point Of Sale? | POS Software? | FAQ – Nevpro

1.What is a POS Software?

POS software is what brick and mortar retailers use to conduct sales. It’s sometimes a cash register, computer, or even an iPad where cashiers input your products, tally the cost, and conduct the financial transaction. Most POS software will also communicate with inventory levels to keep everything in balance.

2.What are the benefits of POS System?

A POS System allows retailers to manage virtually every aspect of their retail business, in store or remotely. It helps retailers to quickly and efficiently perform sales transactions, inventory management, add new products, receive products, track employee hours, order products, and more. POS utilizes technology to securely store and access the client’s retail sales and inventory data in a “real-time” environment, allowing retailers to access concise data about any of their stores.

3.Why go for Nevpro’s POS over other traditional types of POS systems?

Most Point of Sale programs fall into one of two categories – software based or internet based.
Software based POS solutions are currently the most used, but are fading fast. They have several disadvantages when compared to internet based POS technologies. Software solutions in a multi-location environment often require nightly data transfers to sync data between all or some of the locations. During the time between syncs, accurate or up to date information may be difficult to obtain from location to location. Software solutions, many times also require upgrades for new versions of their software, which can be inconvenient and frustrating for its users.

Internet based solutions are quickly gaining in popularity because they address many of the inconveniences of their POS software counterparts. They do have a couple issues of their own to overcome. Internet based solutions are completely reliant on an internet connection, if a retailer loses internet for any reason their business stops until a connection can be restored. Performance of the internet POS solution can also be heavily reliant upon the internet connection speed.

The unique construct of our POS Solution provides the speed and performance of traditional software solutions, while offering the level of accessibility and real-time processing that a Internet solution provides.
By combining both software and internet technologies, we provide your business with a very effective tool to help it grow and reach next level.

4.What types of stores can your POS Solution be used for?

Our POS Softwares can be used for virtually any type, and any size retail environment. We would recommend you to fill this form to contact us so that our experts could suggest you the best and help you make the most of our POS Solutions. We customise and make it better accommodate your market or niche.

5.Will I need any hardware with your POS Solution?

We can help you with POS hardware that works right out of the box, or you might find that Odoo POS works perfectly with what you’ve already got.