What is B2C CRM? Do B2B & B2C need different CRMs?

CRMs are generally designed with a single goal in mind, and that is to streamline the sales activities. But CRMs were made for B2Bs in mind, but with the advent of B2C CRMs, it has given a chance for the small and medium businesses to leverage the power of CRMs to chart their exponential growth. So why would a business need a CRM in B2C instead of the B2B CRM, to understand that let’s begin with knowing what is the difference between B2B and B2C.

What is B2C CRM?

For a hotel or fashion retailer, who is the average client? Since we all need food and clothes, naturally everyone is a potential client for a hotel and a fashion retailer. So this means for a B2C, the number of potential clients are way higher than a B2B. Here marketing activities take precedence over sales, the idea here is to have repeat business and grow the number of the individual repeat businesses as well. So, the scope of activities within a B2C CRMs are a lot bigger than a B2B CRM.

Importance Of CRM In The B2C Market?

From fashion retailers to car dealers, there is always competition. Every brand is usually known for a defining factor, a fashion retailer may be known for affordable fashion, a car brand may be known for its reliability but every brand, in their catalogue will have something for everyone no matter what they are selling. So, how can a brand rebrand itself as all-encompassing, something for everyone, one-stop-shop destination? This is where effective marketing makes a difference, tells stories about the metamorphosis of a brand, shows them how a brand has changed over the years and why a brand has a new product which is different from the rest of its catalogue. A B2C CRM can help businesses to be better  at their marketing, something a B2B CRM lacks. With a B2C CRM, businesses get insights about what marketing campaigns work and what does not work.

Features & Benefits Of B2C CRM, And How to Choose Right B2C CRM?

Personalized Marketing

A CRM in B2C lets a business get close to potential clients, from which a demographic can be generated to expand the scope of marketing activities. And as far existing clients are concerned, get more insights about customers like purchasing patterns and history, preferred payment methods, purchase cycles and many more metrics. Our B2C CRM  utilizes information to create personalized marketing collaterals that can be used to communicate relevant and pertinent offers and new arrivals, upselling and cross-selling with much more efficiency. These new marketing messages can be automated to be sent when the client visits your site or browses your product or a competitor’s product on an e-commerce site. B2C CRM gives you the ability to deliver one of kind unique messages to your clients. Get a custom CRM in B2C to know the marketing possibilities like never before.

Segment Your Potential Clients & Loyalty Systems

Segments your clients according to their geography, responses to your marketing campaigns, age, gender, cart in and out actions, search history and more. Create custom marketing campaigns, marketing collaterals for different segments. With a B2C CRM software, this process of segmenting clients and targeting them custom made marketing collaterals becomes easy. Clients with a previous purchase history will get a different marketing message when compared with a potential first-time buyer. With this vast amount of data curating and planning marketing campaigns becomes easy. With this geographical data, offers can be curated to specific holidays and festivals as well. A B2C CRM can aggregate information into usable data for planning specific marketing campaigns for specific segments of your clients.

Feedbacks and customer service

A CRM contributes to better communication within your organization, but with a dedicated B2C CRM software. Give your customer service agents the power to streamline the customer query pipeline. Better customer service goes a long way with the customer, get feedback about the customer service, get feedback about the product and service Use the information better yourselves while being a business which values client satisfaction. With our B2C CRM categorize the feedbacks into tasks which can further improve your business.

Centralized Marketing And Cross Channel Marketing

Get to know what marketing is working and what is not, with a B2C CRM software, you can get hard numbers on how a marketing campaign worked. It is important to know that not all marketing campaigns are not about generating revenues, instead campaigns for brand awareness or social cause are as important as revenue-generating marketing campaigns. Some campaigns are for expanding the potential client base as well. Having a CRM in B2C centralizes all marketing activities, helping you come with a road map expanding to new clients, engaging existing clients and delighting anyone who comes across your business online.

Better Inventory

With our B2C CRM, know what products your customers truly like, about which products they are timid and the products they ignore altogether. Get information about orders in detail, get more information why the customer brought the product, know their reviews and improve on their feedback. Restock your inventory on time to keep the relationship with your customers ongoing with our CRM in B2C.

Increased Productivity

OurB2C CRM software automates many repetitive tasks, such as generating invoices, getting information from the customer in the customer service flow and many others. Your employees can concentrate on activities which really does matter to your business, which is meeting better customer satisfaction levels and generating revenue. B2C CRM’s primary goal is to streamline the sales channels thus increasing your revenue without compromising the efforts of your employees.

Why Your Business Needs A B2C CRM?

Everyone wants to grow their business, so to do that you need to invest in what a client wants. And to know what a client needs, you need a CRM to track their behaviour, past purchasing patterns, relation-building channels are multiple like phone calls and social media, sales cycles are shorter and multiple lead generation sources. So for B2C, just because the number lead generation sources are more doesn’t automatically mean that conversions are any easier said than done.

You Get The Big Picture Of Your Business

With Our B2C CRM, get a bird’s eye of your business, get to know where the leakages are, what is working effectively, what needs some polishing and most importantly the customer feedback. Get detailed information about the buyer’s journey from placing the order to their feedback on every stage on the journey. Get the best data from our CRM in B2C software for better business decisions.

Order placement – get to know how the customer came to know the product and what were the other perspective choices other than your product.

Processing & Dispatch – See how quickly employees from your end acted when an order was placed.

Shipment Tracking – Check with the customer if they were provided with tracking information about the order.

Delivery – Get feedback about the packaging and the unboxing experience.

Difference Between B2B & B2C CRM

B2B is business to business companies, as the name suggests they sell their products or services to other businesses. These businesses are usually working under a contract and their client base is usually very small. Examples of these kind companies are IT services providers, raw material suppliers, investment firms and many more. When developing a CRM for B2B when compared with B2C, CRMs can skip on many things which B2C CRMs do not skip on such as call centre support modules due to the less number of customers. Dedicated multi-level communication monitors as most of the communication happens on one on one emails. Sales activities are given more importance than marketing activities due to the nature of the B2B environment. In short, B2B businesses are more concerned with repeating customers and sales performance rather than finding new customers, they usually limit the number of clients due to concerns like manufacturing capabilities and scaling up constraints.


B2C is a business to customer companies, our retail outlet at the mall, a car dealer in the town centre, your favourite hotel and many others. Now, these kinds of businesses have the ability to grow exponentially, a garment seller only needs a bigger outlet and do not need to buy a factory to meet his demands, a hotel can buy extra tables and chairs to meet the new demand and so on, in short B2C can scale up quickly without a large investment. So why can’t they use a B2B CRM and need a B2C CRM software?

Why Choose Rize B2c CRM?

We can create a custom B2C solution for your specific needs, your industry, the size of your business and your bottomline expectation from our product. A client can choose the level of automation needed in each module such as automated response to choosing the follow up gap to individual clients. We can create a custom CRM in B2C which follows your business flow step by step. We cater to different industries as well from retailers, educational institutes, to financial institutes such as banking, lending and insurance. We have experience in providing custom B2C CRM software solutions which industry leaders expect from their CRM and more.

Free Demos

Drop us a mail, let’s discuss how we can help you to reach your business goals. Get a first-hand experience the difference our solution can give your business. With our mobile B2C CRM app be updated to all the new information and changes in information. Simplify and control your sales process, change them with ease to experiment something new or streamline the process for more efficiency, with our 24/7 support for B2C CRM be ahead of your competition all the time.

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