How to solve Vtiger 6.1 Mail Manager Error – JSLBL_Failed_To_Open_Email

Vtiger CRM refers to cloud as well as open source versions of the CRM application offered by the company Vtiger. Mail Manager in vtiger 6.1 is an integrated email client that allows users to perform CRM related actions on incoming email. It helps you create Leads, Contacts, Organizations, Tickets and To Dos from the emails that you receive in your inbox. You can perform more actions like, Attaching email, Adding To do, Comment and Ticket. Additionally, you can manage composing, replying, forwarding emails etc.

Vtiger6.1 encounters encoding issues in some mails like “JSLBL_Failed_To_Open_Email”.



How to solve this issue?

Generally what we see in php script is,

in /include/zend/Json.php
public static $useBuiltinEncoderDecoder = false;

We should change this to,

public static $useBuiltinEncoderDecoder = true;

After making the required changes the issue is resolved and we can operate mail manager without any hindrance.

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