Use Of Parameters In Pentaho Data Integration

In computer programming, a parameter is a variable, used in a subroutine to refer to one of the pieces of data provided as input to the subroutine. These kind of data are called arguments.

You will always come up with situations when you need to address these kind of variables inorder to overcome the burden of reusing certain values for every job and transformation and for that Pentaho has given us some best and suitable options at our doorstep.

This Blog is solely dedicated to the above mentioned topic and at the end of it one can easily get to know how to use parameters in PDI.

First Go to the Edit option at the Top and click on edit the file option.The following window pops up.

Enter the name for your variable that you want to set along with the variable value which in here is the directory path for a CSV file i.e. sec_data_small.csv that we’ve taken.

Now in the next step we’ll use this variable to pass values to our CSV file Input step. Select a CSV file Input step and in the filename section press CTRL+SPACE which will guide you to the name of the parameters that you have previously defined.Select the sec_data_small parameter name for your csv which will bring up the filename under a ${} as shown in the snapshot below.

Click on the Get Fields button and preview the data.You should successfully be able to preview all the incoming data coming from the CSV file.