Use Of Line Chart Component In Pentaho BI Server

A chart is a graphical representation of data, in which “the data is represented by symbols, such as slices in a pie chart, lines in a line chart or bars in a bar chart.A data chart is a type of graph or diagram, that organizes and represents a set of numerical or qualitative data.

A line chart is a two-dimensional scatterplot of ordered observations where all the observations are connected following their defined order.

To built a Line chart using Pentaho CDE, Pentaho provides built-in component for the same namely ‘CCC Line Chart’.

The following blog gives you a brief description as to how one can use this component to built a Line chart to have great analysis of their data graphically using Pentaho CDE.

1. After creating the layout for our Dashboard we move onto the components panel section where we have taken a CCC Line chart component inorder to add a Line chart in our Dashboard.The following screenshot shows the same.

Now define a name ,required properties and datasources which will fetch the data for the Line chart aswell as the htmlobject name which will specify the panel which will hold the Line chart. Set the crosstab mode to false since we dont want a crosstab view here.

In the datasource panel define your query.Here we’ve used the sql over sqljdbc type datasource. Give the required database credentials and lastly define your query in the Query option which will be executed in the selected datasource.

NOTE:In your selected query define the order of your columns as
“select series,category,value from table”

which defines the order in which the Line chart shows your data.In here ship_mode column is our series, order_year category and SALES as values.

4. Finally click on the preview button to see your desired Line chart in the selected panel of our dashboard.

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