This post talks about how to implement CCC Bullet Component in pentaho CDE.

Pentaho CDE provides a numerous amount of plugin to enhance user end requirements on how to give different kinds of chat views to dashboards and reports.Among one of them is CCC Bullet Chart.
The following description shows how to implement CCC bullet chart component in Pentaho CDE.

1.Firstly in the Component tab we have selected CCC Bullet Chart from the chart options in the left hand side.

2.In the next step we define the paramter and listeners along with the datasource name from which it fetches the data.We also defined a name for our CCC Bullet chart.

While defining the parameter and listener name it has to be strictly kept in mind that the name should exactly be the same as defined in the SQL Query.

3.Finally when we preview the dashboard we get the output as desired.

Here the output is shown for all products since we have selected ‘ALL’ option from the drop    down above .The output shows the average performance of products in terms of percentage.