Top 7 Reasons to Learn AWS

Gartner has already forecasted that the Cloud Computing sector will grow from USD 227.8 Billion in 2019 to $354.6 Billion in 2022. 

And in 2020, Amazon Web Services (AWS) holds 31% of the market far ahead of its competitors, like Azure which carries 20%, Google’s GCP stands at a 7% share, and other market players follow along. Well, you might have received your best reason to learn AWS by taking up an AWS Technical Essentials Training. Without further adieu, let’s start the discussion.

What is AWS? 

AWS is a cloud service providing company operated by Amazon, the largest e-commerce giant in the world. AWS was established in 2006 and started offering cloud computing technology to its consumers. They got a very significant headstart ahead of Microsoft, launching their cloud services in 2011. And dominates the cloud market to date and will continue to do so in coming years. AWS offers you an extensive list of services like on-demand compute, storage, infrastructure, database, analytics services, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data services, etc. All within few clicks in a pay-as-you-go pricing model. 

Below are some of the reasons for you to start learning AWS:

  1. AWS Market share
  2. Increased migration to Amazon Web Services
  3. IaaS Market leader
  4. AWS skills are in high demand
  5. AWS Certifications are top-notch
  6. AWS offers you resources to crack its certification
  7. AWS Certification fetches you a higher salary

7 Reasons to Start Learning Amazon Web Services

AWS Market share

Market share is not only for financial analysts or people related to financial aspects. But that determines whether a professional will or will not go for taking up a technology. If it’s obsolete or degrading, then why should he/she learn such technology that has little to no value in the future. In that matter, IT professionals look up to AWS as the innovation engine driving the new wave of business transformation. And numbers speak for themselves, as AWS is the fastest growing in the Public Cloud Service segment. Fascinated right?

Increased migration to Amazon Web Services

Digital transformation has aggravated recently due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Before this, companies were increasingly embracing new technologies like Cloud Computing to help them thrive in this data-driven digital era. Pandemic has only speeded up the process. Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) and enterprises are increasingly shifting to the cloud, and the majority of them are migrating to AWS. 

IaaS Market leader

AWS is a giant in the IaaS or (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) Market carrying over 1/3rd of the total market. Well, the IaaS market hasn’t reached its full potential, as it is only half the size of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market. So, that makes AWS poised for much greater success in the coming years. A big shout out of opportunities for IT professionals who are looking to switch to cloud computing. 

AWS skills are in high demand

According to famous job portal,, there is always a higher demand for skilled professionals in the Cloud Computing industry, and especially for AWS (almost 60% of the total job postings). As more and more companies adopt AWS, they require more professionals skilful enough to manoeuvre their problems and find out the best solution.

AWS Certifications are top-notch

AWS certifications set the benchmark industry standard, which others are catching up. AWS exams are difficult for a reason, to maintain its credibility and expertise in testing a candidate’s experience in working in their platform and the confidence they have in solving client problems. Additionally, if an organization has several AWS-certified professionals working will gain access to the AWS Partner Network, which allows its employees to get additional training through various resources for the overall benefit of the organizations using AWS services. 

AWS offers you resources to crack its certification

There are abundant resources online to help you prepare well enough to clear AWS certifications. These resources are books, whitepapers, practice exams, forums, manuals, courses, and whatnot. Even AWS offers you Free-tier access, which you can use to access several free services for a lifetime, a few for a year, and some premium services on trial. And on top, AWS offers you services at an affordable pay-as-you-go pricing model that you can use to train yourself in the platform. 

AWS Certification fetches you a higher salary

Nearly all AWS certifications fetch you better opportunities and a higher salary package. It isn’t a surprise that AWS certifications rank high in top-paying certifications in the IT industry. Here are some of the salaries (mean-average) for your reference from 

AWS Solutions Architect- “> INR 12 L.P.A”

AWS Developer- “> INR 9 L.P.A” 

AWS DevOps Engineer- “> INR 7 L.P.A”

And it follows. 


Cloud Computing has changed the dynamics of how we do business. It helped in speeding up innovations, cut down expenses, and making digital transformations easier than before. AWS is the perfect choice for one to invest in learning to become a skilful professional. By learning AWS and getting the training, one can land up in their dreams companies using AWS. Just for your reference, some of the famous companies using AWS are Netflix, LinkedIn, Facebook, BBC, ESPN, Twitch, Lyft, Pinterest, Apple, etc.

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