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Top 10 Android App Development Trends | 2021 Guide

Are you a business owner looking to build a new mobile app for your business ? Then you will need to get the insights and the trends which will propel the mobile development landscape. In this blog we will look at the trends the Android mobile development platform has been heading to. As a well-known android app development company in India, we leverage all the latest technologies of Android to provide our clients the best Android-based solutions.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The biggest, loudest, and the most impactful technology buzzwords of the past few years. The technologies allow the program to update itself to suit the needs and expectations of the end-user. Why do businesses need to use this technology? If your app has a lot of unstructured data, then AI and ML can help your app to be more cohesive over time. If you are an e-commerce based business, then AI and ML are a must. Android developers can find pre-trained models in ML Kit and Google Cloud or create custom models with TensorFlow.       

Google Assistant/Chatbots

Chatbots have been gaining acceptance over the years and Google Assistant has become incredibly intuitive. The number of audio searches has been going up as well, so Android apps have started to integrate similar functions as well. Why do businesses need to use this technology? it is just of using the app and the end-users using all the advantages and features of the app. As a well-known android app development company, we understand the importance of voice-enabled actions with apps and Google assistant as a whole. We try to incorporate voice-enabled actions in all our development projects but the final version may be different as it may not serve bigger business goals.       

Android Instant App

Something which was released in 2016 was not taken seriously in early 2020, Android Instant App has given a new lease of life to premium apps and freemium apps. The Android instant app basically a  demo version of the entire app. Why do businesses need to use this technology? there are 4 big advantages of following this trend. Gauge and test the user experience, enhance online visibility, easy user acquisition and if all the advantages are leveraged, the final advantage, Increase user retention. As a well-known Android app development company, we have used Android Instant App to be our feedback system, we gain insights for ourselves (technological perspective) and for our clients (business perspective) as well. The feedback quality is also of top-notch quality. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

In October 2016, mobile internet overtook the desktop and laptop internet. Oddly the internet usage statistics between the platforms are interesting. Both the internet usage differ widely, the mobile internet has seen a growth in e-commerce, social media, communication and interactions, and more. As a well-known android app development company in India, we can create apps ranging from e-commerce to chat messengers. Accelerated Mobile Pages has been used by developers to enhance the SEO ranking and search visibility of Android apps. Even though It was created for an entirely different purpose. It was created to be a competition to Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News. Later it was modified to increase page load speeds and more. Why do businesses need to use this technology? As mobile internet is the biggest internet accessing platform, it is important to stand out in the competition. As a leading android app development company in India, we always leverage this technology to ensure that our clients have maximum visibility. 




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