How to outsource your Software Development Project

Tips For Successfully Outsourcing Your Software Development Project

Your business may not be into software, but software development is definitely an important part of your business. Building IT solutions have become crucial for brands and enterprises now more than ever. Today most businesses can be accessed and managed via mobile apps, websites, and business portals.

However, it’s not always possible for businesses to manage their software development internally, especially if your business has nothing to do with these technologies. This situation leads businesses to look for external support.

The demand for outsourcing software development has grown leaps and bounds over the last decade. Don’t believe me? Here are a few statistics to depict the growing number of businesses turning to outsource their software development needs.

Some Stats From The Global Software Outsourcing Scene

  • According to a survey held by Deloitte, more than 60% of tech companies are outsourcing at least a part of their application development.
  • 78% of the respondents felt positive about their outsourcing relationships, and the highest availed outsourcing service for 2021 is app development.
  • The most prominent reason for outsourcing (70% of respondents agreed) is cost reduction.
  • Around 37% of small businesses opt to outsource their software development projects to better focus on their forte operating their business, while the tech team handles development.

Before going forward with some tips for outsourcing software development, let’s take some time to understand why outsourcing software development is the best thing you could do for your business.

Why Should You Outsource Software Development?

There are several benefits of choosing the outsourcing approach to develop your business. Here are the most prominent ones for you to consider.

Improves Development Quality

The outsourcing team you hire will have a lot more varied experience in development across several industries. Your outsourcing team has taken years to perfect their offerings and strive to provide their clients with the best quality service.

Focus on Core Business

How well can a plumber fix a subway train’s engine? The plumber would first have to learn mechanic work and then fix the train. That’s time-consuming and counterproductive. But when you leave the reins of your software development project with an outsourcing team, you get more time to focus on the core areas of your business.

Access to Global Talent

Why settle for the subpar local developers in your city or state when you can outsource your project to the most experienced software developers in the world. Globalization allows you to meet and partner up with development teams that are perfect for your particular requirements in terms of working ethics, costing, timezone, etc.

Load off your Internal Team

When you outsource your software development project to a third-party agency, your internal team is free to focus on their actual job profile and serve your business more effectively. It takes the load of added work from your internal tech team that allows them to focus on their niche expertise.

Saves Cost & Time

We already discussed that the top reason for outsourcing is money. This approach reduces your total development cost to a fraction of what you would endure with an in-house development team. With outsourcing, the cost of hiring in-house developers, with the added time invested in training & development, along with the infrastructural overheads, can all be avoided.

5 Quick Tips for Successfully Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing your development requirements is worth every penny if done smartly. Now it’s time to give you what you came here looking for. The five smart tips you must keep in mind while outsourcing your software development project.

Define Your Requirements Clearly

The very first step in the outsourcing process requires you to sit down with your team and clearly define your business goals, project requirements, the technologies you wish to incorporate, and the scope of work.

Start by mapping the needs and expectations of your business. If your team lacks knowledge of technologies, ensure that your outsourcing partner has proven expertise for the same. This will make it easier for you to find the right outsourcing partner for your business.

Make an Informed Decision

Put your spy glasses on to research your potential outsourcing partners. Run thorough background checks on the software development service providers, read reviews online, visit their social handles, check out their website, and try to get authentic client reviews.

Your main goal is to identify whether your outsourcing partner previously executed their projects to perfection and made all its clients happy. You can do this by analyzing their work portfolio and client testimonials on genuine and trustworthy websites like Clutch & GoodFirms.

Take Active Interest In The Project

Once you’re confident that you’ve selected the right outsourcing partner for your business, discuss the project life cycle and the development process with them in clear terms. Your inputs are a must throughout the project. You don’t need to attend daily meetings, but regular updates and discussions will benefit the project.

Say No to Micromanaging

As talked above, active participation is appreciated, but overdoing it is not. Although it makes sense to establish authority and ownership before venturing into the project, it’s equally essential to let your outsourcing partner bring their ideas to the table.

Micromanaging tasks at every small step of the way will only create friction and lead to frustrations. Allow your outsourcing partner’s development team to bring their creative solutions on board and let them lead your project to a fruitful completion.

Establish Clear Communication Channels

Communication is the key when it comes to working with an external team. Be in touch with your outsourcing team via communication channels such as Slack, Skype, or Gmail. Keep an open flow communication forum where your outsourcing team can reach out to you with day-to-day work updates.

Set up brief calls to explain your specific requirements and feedback sessions through the project’s timeline.

Wrapping Up!

An outsourcing team is like your extended family. Ensure to do your due diligence and make an informed choice. Find the perfect software outsourcing partner for your business and aim for a long-term association. It’s always easy to trust one reliable partner with your ongoing needs rather than going around and finding a new partner each time.

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