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Tips for successful ERP Implementation


ERP software is highly beneficial for SME’s as it also helps every department to simplify the enterprise needs. ERP Implementation is not an easy task and may lead to failure if not properly implemented.


Here are some quick tips for successful ERP implementations in your organizations:


– Select the right ERP software.


– As far as possible, reduce customization since they can become the pain areas for the vendor during the implementation or during future upgrades.


– Smart check on the experience of vendor and its team.


– Give time before and during the implementation.


– If not sure about the timelines and features implementation, opt for BRD – business requirement documentations or Functional requirement gathering.


– While preparing the scope document, involve top management and the end users.


– Run pilot if you are still unsure of ERP capabilities or its acceptance by the end users


– Vendor’s side support team should be strong enough to handhold your users after the implementation.


– Ensure proper resource allocation from your as well as the vendor’s team.


– Use charts and workflows diagrams wherever possible.


– Prior planning for ERP implementations, proper implementation methodology should be decided.


– Always divide your projects in phases giving priority to the important features.


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