For any business, the relationship with the customer does not end with single transaction. After sale, there is always support to ensure the customer satisfaction with your product/services. Most of the fortune companies have realized that providing impeccable service to customer has its own perks. You not only retain the customer but also gain more customers through reference.
Having systematic help desk ticketing system can do the work easy.

We at Nevpro, understand the value of each and every customer to the business and developed an online ticketing Solution for your enterprise that can help you record the creation, escalation and also the support given by your executives to the customers. With changing times, approach of customer care assistance has also extended to various mediums like phone, emails, social media like Twitter, messenger support etc. Handling needful contextual data from various sources becomes messy.

With the help of comprehensive help desk ticketing system, companies can streamline customer requests from all platforms into a single file generating a ticketing code. It contains all information of customer’s help request and progress report of issue. The support executives of request may vary for different mediums and customers. Issuing a ticket code to every customer makes it easy for executives to track down the progress and help further. Overall, Ticketing solution ensures that your customer queries are answered and solved in the fastest and the most accurate manner. It also benefits your relationship with the customer.


Aid your customer service activity with Hazel Desk Ticketing solutions and increase your chances to get quality responses from customers which can help you in creating a portfolio full of positive testimonials and goodwill in the market.

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