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Align your Sales and Marketing with CRM

Streamline Sales and Marketing with CRM Software in 3 ways


As a business person, you know a  CRM software help Sales and marketing departments and have long been at odds. Sales blame marketing because they aren’t getting enough qualified leads. Marketing blames sales for not following-up fast enough. The irony? Both departments need each other to thrive! The blame game goes on-and-on and sooner than later, your sales pipeline is desolate and you’ve resorted to spraying-and-praying.

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One of the more effective ways of aligning sales and marketing is a CRM Software. By using a CRM software, sales and marketing can get a view of the entire buyer’s journey, leading to higher collaboration, more effective communication, and clearly defined responsibilities. Build a bridge between both departments for working together, strategically, to generate business.


Synchronization between Sales and Marketing

A study shows that the aligned organizations meet their revenue goals more often than non-aligned organizations. The trick for a successful goal accomplishment is that your sales and marketing team are on the same page.

A CRM can lead to collaboration between the two departments that was previously untapped. Marketing can let sales know which prospect just downloaded a white paper. Sales can let marketing know which prospect just closed. Every phone call, e-mail, and touch is logged. Both departments are analyzing deep insights and analytics into what the leads need to become a customer. Collaboration between sales and marketing also has another unique advantage: it leads to a more personalized, and consistent buyer experience.



Salespeople are likely to be out of office for a meeting and marketing constantly are trying to connect to the customer with the headphones on. How can the two departments align if they’re never talking? If you’re not having a weekly meeting between sales and marketing, a CRM could be the tool that opens the line of communication. Regardless where a team member is in the office or around the globe, sales and marketing can cooperatively use a CRM to communicate more effectively than ever. The two departments can have a discussion regarding hot, which leads went cold, campaign strategy, and future goals. Both departments are on a sync on the same leads from the same CRM and the same time.


Let them know their responsibilities

Sales are given numbers to hit every month or quarter. Why should it be any different in marketing? In order to promote sales and marketing alignment, these departments are often encouraged to create a service level agreement (SLA) which clearly spells out who’s responsible for what when. This SLA does more than determining how many leads marketing will generate for sales, it also defines what are the criteria for lead and what that hand-off process looks like.

A CRM will play a huge part in the SLA because both departments can get a real-time view of where prospects are at in the buyer’s journey and what their aligned goals should be.


Final Thoughts                                                                          

By empowering sales and marketing alignment with a CRM, you are one step closer to success. A CRM can improve collaboration, increase communication, and set clear expectations, leading to more interdepartmental alignment.


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