As per a client’s requirement, we had to make xlsx report of sales. After deploying the report on the customer’s server an error of ‘module XlsxWriter not found’ occurred. Lot of times this issue is faced after deployment.

Why does this happen?

This mainly happens because xlsx writer is not installed on the operating system. Basically, xlsx writer is a python module that needs to be installed in order to read any xlsx file.

For installing xlsx writer in Odoo, follow the mentioned steps:

Download below tar file from the link

Now untar above tar.gz file
tar -xvzf XlsxWriter-0.5.8.tar.gz

Now cd into directory
cd XlsxWriter-0.5.8

Install setup tools for openerp
sudo apt-get install python-setuptools

Install Xlsx Writer
sudo python install

After installing this on the operating system, the report gets opened without any error when the user clicks on it.

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