How to set Recurring invoice in Bitrix24

Recurring invoice in Bitrix:

Bitrix 24 CRM Solutions provides a feature of recurring invoices. To create a Recurring invoice in Bitrix24 follow the below points:

  1. Create a normal invoice from Bitrix CRM Services in India by simply clicking on Add Invoice button under the Invoice Tab of
    top CRM software.
recurring invoice1
  1. Now, you need to go to the section  “Recurring Payments” and click on the checkbox “Make Recurring Invoice”. Then you’ll see recurring invoice configuration parameters.
  2. First, you’ll see the Repeat type. Repeat type includes a particular day, week, month, or year.
  3. Every Repeat Type includes common fields Make recurring after, Repeat until, and set payment due date.
recurring invoice2
  1. You can set recurring invoices based on repeat fields and save the invoice.
  2. Saved recurring invoices are actually creating templates under Invoices > Recurring.
recurring invoice3

The difference between Standard & Recurring Invoice is that invoices generated by recurring invoice template will appear under Created (Standard) section (together with other non-recurring invoices) while the Recurring section will have only templates (for recurring invoices) listed.

How it works: when the time comes for the new invoice to be created – it will be automatically added based on the recurring invoice template parameters. All new invoices generated by the template will appear in Created Invoices – each with a unique ID number, issue date & initial status, etc.

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