Sending error log through mail using pentaho data integration

At times we come across the issue of persisting errors while migrating data from source to target which becomes burdensome for the clients. It is very annoying to figure out where exactly the error lies while going through the log details.

Pentaho can create a log file for the same and shoot it out through a mail on its own. For that we need to follow the underlying steps:

1) Create your required Job using the Pentaho Data Integration tool SPOON

2) To shoot the error log, go to the transformation previous to the mail step. Double click on the “edit job entry” button in the transformation step. Inside it go to the “logging settings” tab and specify the log file details along with the level of logging found at the bottom that you want to specify.

3 )The following step will allow to mention the credentials in the MAIL step giving all the details about the sender and recipient’s address along with the server details. The “attached files” tab should be given special preference, where you need to select the LOG option in the “specify file type” . It will send the error log file thats been created in the previous step.

Pentaho Data Integration

4) Finally run the job. If an error is being thrown it will directly shoot it to the recipient’s address.

Pentaho Data Integration

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