Security is a grave concern when any application is considered. Security features in Odoo are equally important. We need to ensure that our data is safe with Odoo and that the best practices are applied on the hosted version. Odoo provides a flexible and efficient method for handling user access and security.

So exactly how secure is Odoo?

As we know, Odoo has a client/server architecture. One of its major goals was to secure transmission of data between its communicating peers.

Odoo provides the following security features:

1) web-based interface
2) GTK-based interface

  1. Security in Odoo: WEB-based Interface
    – Odoo web client uses https, protocol for transmitting data securely over the World Wide Web.
    – Odoo with vpn, eliminates any outsiders from accessing the system
    – Base_crypt module allows to store username and password in encrypted manner
    – Robot.txt file at the root of the web client folder does not allow google to index our login screen.
  2. Security in Odoo: GTK-based Interface
    – Odoo GTK client provides xmlrpc-secure, remote procedure call protocol combined with Security feature.
    – Odoo with LDAP module already present is another step towards security.

Odoo Server prevents port based attacks on hosted server with its ability to change the port values with flexiblity. Odoo which is mainly built in python allows to incorporate any of the python security features.

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