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The education sector is one of the largest growing sectors in India today. With nearly 28 per cent of the population falling under the age bracket of 0-14 years, no wonder new college are coming up every other day in the city. Presently,  the education system has evolved far beyond the traditional student-teacher knowledge exchange. It is more of a human resource development platform comprising of various elements of teachers, students, parents, alumni, non-teaching staff and also many more aspects. Above all, it is not easy to maintain every record from student reports, faculty information, salary, transport facilities, library management manually with an excel sheet or paperwork. This is when an educational ERP software like NevCampusPro, comes into the picture.

When our classrooms are getting digital, can the administration stay behind? Technology is changing and to tackle these changes, educational institutes also need to get proactive.

Nevpro’s school management system is a comprehensive solution, also designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art web technology, aimed at improving the quality of education management. It is designed to provide the teaching, non-teaching, management staff as well as parents and students with a platform to access data for clear, fast and efficient access to information. It also aims at facilitating an easy, functional and also convenient system to minimize wastage of time and efforts for your institution while maximizing productivity.

Similarly, this School Management System enables you to access data regarding all the processes in your institution, from student progress reports, fee collection, exam schedules to details of students who have recently graduated, at the click of a button. It also streamlines all processes and gathers data from across your institution to bring you a system which is simple to work with and is comprehensive.

Adopting a School Management System for your institution will improve data storage and retrieval systems by keeping all information arranged systematically and also establish a better image of your institution due to the presence of a well-maintained and transparent system in place. With a multi-institution setup within a single instance, this school management software system can also act as a robust backbone to your institution providing you with the support needed for the smooth functioning of the day to day operations.

We offer customized School Management System, also popularly known as Education Management System or also the College Management System, that could centralize and automate every existing process in an educational institution. Our school management software allows schools and other educational institutions to store all of their information at one place electronically. All the data about Students, Staff, Results, also management can be easily monitored using Nevpro’s school management system solution.  Similarly, it helps to improve the efficiency of the organization.

Hence, this school management system software can be accessed from any location. Our ERP for school management system highly configurable access control management enables admins to provide visibility to also those areas where the user is authorized to access. Similarly, further customizations are made as per institutions requirements.

Although, there is various school management software available in the market, presently, NevcampusPro is the ultimate one-stop solution for your cater all institute needs.

Check out these features of our School Management System- NevCampusPro


Well, with the vast amount of analysis performed at each level, strategic planning will also be data driven. Your institution can be proactive and apply a holistic learning and teaching environment.  This definitely creates an edge, while other institutions boast about better teaching quality; you go the extra mile by revealing trends specific to your school.

So, start your NevCampusPro services now. You can contact us and our experts will help you to experience the best of management software.

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