CRM- An efficient way of customer Management


Nevpro has over the years worked on many customer relationship solutions. During CRM implementation, we found  businesses are not always happy with CRM solutions. They don’t find customer relationship management softwares compatible enough for their kind of products/services. Therefore,our team of experts examined the pain points of customers while using all solutions. The research found out what is lacking in them.

We at Nevpro, brought this expertise together for business management. We have come up with a comprehensive suite of tools put together to make a feature-rich CRM software.

RizeCRM is our own product carved specially for niche business category. It is a set of tools for various marketing components. It also enables to analyse customer requirements better. Its user-friendly workflows can help you set your business process right.

Software as RizeCRM has become smarter than ever. It also uses all latest intelligent automation to integrate all your customer relationship tasks in one place in details. RizeCRM provides just one click-away information.

It makes sure that your leads get the right amount of attention. Its SIP integration enables you to make calls from within your system. The mobile application captures real time data for your field sales force and hence you can keep track of potential customer visits.

With RizeCRM by your side, stay relax with your customer management tasks and plan for efficient strategies for the optimum utilization of CRM assistance.

Hurry up & choose your  RizeCRM software plans according to your team size/organization/industry type. All plans are customizable as per your business requirements and renewal is made easy for hassle free usage.