Having access to a correct data extraction tool is a vital factor for acquiring great business.

Suppose your business has variety of products/services to offer but no leads are converting into customers in spite of having huge database

Question here is – Do you really have a strong list of your target buyers yet?

Knowing your prospect customer’s contact details, buying pattern and demographic information of an individual, entity or organization is the key, so we at Nevpro have developed a data extraction tool that does it for you. Pulldata is a lead generation software that generates verified leads that are tailored according to your organization’s needs. It does exactly what the name suggests. It pulls data from different web browsers and compilate all data into a comprehensive list for your convenience that enables the employees to extract this systematically arranged data into different folders and also export it in various file formats, including the .CSV format which is also compatible with any CRM software.




Customized Database collection

Customized Database collection

Multiple Website Plugins

99% Accuracy Rate

Easy Installation

Updated Data Information

Poor Leads Filter


Switch to our smart data extraction tool that gives quick, easy, true lead generation support while saving hours of repetitive and monotonous work. Nevpro’s Pulldata comes with various lead generation plans. Select the one that suits you the best and also start working with it. Our lowest plan starts with 0$ per month.

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