When we create a report there are times when there is the requirement of publishing the report onto the BI server where the user can access the report at the server level.For that, we need to undergo following steps.

To share a report from the Pentaho server, it has to be available in the Pentaho solution repository. To publish the report directly to the Pentaho server using the File > Publish to Server menu option; (optionally, click the Publish to Server in the Report Designer toolbar or press <CTRL>+<SHIFT>+P).

URL: URL of Pentaho BI server (in this example it is hosted locally)
TIMEOUT: Amount of seconds the connection will last with the server until it times out
USERNAME: Username of the user publishing to the server
PASSWORD: Password of the user publishing to the server

Following these steps, you will get the access to publish the report to a specific folder on the Pentaho Biserver where you can give explanations like Report name and description along with providing folder location where you want to locate your Report as well as giving the output option for exporting the report like HTML, PDF etc.

After completing all the required processes as mentioned above you can run your report in the Pentaho User console where it will be displayed as in whatever format you have chosen to export the report as.

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