Online Project Management System

Your needs are specific – so your collaborative work management solution software should also be specific. Keeping this in mind we provide project management solutions to help organizations step up from one-size-fits-all approach and collaborate better using our tailored solutions, customized specifically for you.

Our top project management software Solutions helps teams collaborate better resulting in improved work efficiency. This Bitrix Project Management Solution captures tasks pertaining to various projects in a very effective manner. This agile project planning tool has capabilities to track the time consumed by each employee per task thus outlining the overall productivity of your employees. With an impressive GUI in place, these tools can also be used as intranet portals for communication between employees within your organization. They consists of many task simplifying features such as online collaboration, document sharing, tasking, CRM, Calendar scheduling etc to make a project manager’s life easier and the operation simpler.



  • Eliminate chaos involved in projects
  • Collaborate with team efficiently
  • Customization to suit your business process
  • Powerful yet Simple to use
  • Drive Successful Projects
  • Get real Time Project Insights
  • Share documents and work with team
  • Estimate Profitability of project