Outsource your Software Development Work / Hire Dedicated Developers

Offload your project work to Nevpro at an efficient and effective way.

Projects of larger magnitude needs more number of resources to deliver the final product. In addition to this, supporting such softwares requires experienced developers to provide timely & precise resolution to a production system. In such cases, hiring in-house developers may not turn out to be the most future-proof way of moving ahead. Solution ? – Outsource Development Work.


Programming Languages


  Python, PHP, .NET  Bitrix24, Odoo, Pentaho BI, WordPress Websites, Magento E-commerce   Websites & Android and IOS native App Development

Why outsource your development work ?

There are many factors contributing to the need to outsource. Some of these are:


outsourcing can reduce development cost

1) Cost of Operations – Did you know that outsourcing can reduce development cost by almost 70% ? Yes, you read it right! By outsourcing your software development tasks you save on 1) All infrastructure costs and 2) all the monthly cost of high payouts & employee benefits that has to be provided to an in-house developer. Moreover, the hassles of proper knowledge transfer incase your employee leaves & HR team’s consistent efforts on employee retention does not come into picture for an offshore resource that is provided by Nevpro.

Saves you time

2) Saves you time – When you outsource work, you could focus all your attention to your core business rather than spending time in building the team to develop your software systems. So your total time spent in hiring the right candidates and to train them in the required functionality is saved. The offshore company undertakes all such tasks inorder to provide you seamless development work.


3) Get Professional Quality Service – Inorder to retain your contract to run for months and years together, the offshore company would make sure they hire the right experts to complete your tasks as per your specifications. As you would be outsourcing your work to a professional company, you are more likely to get a ‘Can do’ attitude from the offshore company to a couple of your added requests.

Why outsource development work to Nevpro ?

1) We work on the customers holiday calendar. We can also work on customers timezone as well.

2) Depending on technology and expertise of developers, we have various monthly packages for each resource selected. Moreover, discounts keep getting applied based on the number of resources added to the team.

3) We sign an NDA with every client. As a result, your code that is being developed and your Intellectual Property (IP) would always be safeguarded and not be shared outside our company.

4) Assign a Project Co-ordinator who would be providing timely status updates on each dedicated resource hired by the company.

5) Make provisions for screen sharing so that you could monitor the the current task being worked upon by the resources.

6) Ensure a proper knowledge transfer (free of charge overlapping period for the replacement resource) when the existing selected employee leaves our organization.

7) Whenever a need arises, we could send the resources to your location for training and/or requirement gathering.

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