Odoo vs. SAP: The Best ERP for Medium-Scale Businesses

Odoo vs SAP
Odoo vs SAP

Enterprise and resource planning systems have become an inevitable element in the functioning of business these days. Today the business cannot cope with the modern trends and demands of the ever-changing world without dedicated tools. The need for advanced and complete business managing systems has become necessary. Among the business management tools available Odoo and SAP software are two of the prominent solutions. These solutions have established a label in the business sector as complete and efficient tools which will solve and help with the functioning of the business management as well as its allied operations. Odoo ERP is the best ERP software in the market.

On the one hand, considering medium-scale business operations Odoo application is the go-to tool. This is majorly due to the aspect that the productivity, as well as the efficiency aspect of the platform, is way better than any other ERP solution. On the other hand, SAP technology solutions are well-suitable for large-scale establishments as they can collectively function with the distinctive modules of operation for effective and reliable business management aspects.

“This blog will provide you an insight into which ERP solution among Odoo applications and SAP ERP software is the best suited for the business management aspect of medium-scale establishments.”

Before moving on to the comparison aspect of the Odoo ERP as well as the SAP application software, let’s undersign these prominent solutions in brief. 

What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo ERP solutions are complete, effective, and reliable business management solutions that will act as the business management solution providing the manager with the right tools to effectively manage and monitor every aspect of a business. The Odoo platform functions with a dedicated modular infrastructure with the defined Odoo applications which act as independent modules for the business management aspects.

The Odoo ERP software is one of the prominent business management tools available in the market today. With the capability to undergo any level of Odoo customization the platform is best suitable for any business. Moreover, the high operational performance can be seen while the Odoo implementation is done for medium-scale businesses. Now you would have understood an overview of the Odoo platform. Let’s now move on to the next section where you will be described on the SAP application.

What is SAP?

SAP ERP is a business management solution with efficient business monitoring and controlling tools. The SAP software is best suited for large-scale establishments. The software is configured and developed to meet the operational and functional requirements of multinational corporations. You can see examples of various MNCs making use of the SAP software tool for their business aspects.

From the beginning, the labels on SAP were set as the best suitable for large corporations initially due to its operation aspect and secondly due to the cost. To overcome this and reach out to a large customer base in 2002 SAP developed SAP Businesses which focuses on smaller businesses. Moreover, their usage was seen in small and start-up businesses around the world due to their operational capability and functional tools.

These are the basic aspects of the Odoo ERP solution and the SAP software tool. Let’s now move on to the next section where we will compare various parameters on which of these business management solutions is suitable for medium-scale businesses.

Odoo Vs SAP

Choosing the right ERP solution for the business management aspect is necessary for every organization. Without the right tools and fictional aspects, every business will be opting for a downfall shortly. The same is in the case of having the wrong tools and functioning with them. Initially, the company won’t be achieving the productivity that they are supposed to with the respective tool. This means they have to shelf the tool or find ways to remove it and implement newer solutions. Anyway, the investment in the solutions will go to waste for the business.

Before the selection of ERP solutions or any other business management and operation tools, the organizations should undergo a detailed study on which all solutions are available and their operational parameters. Here we have compared the Odoo ERP with that of the SAP software solution on various parameters. Our primary objective is to find out which of these solutions is better for medium-scale establishments. 

1) Pricing

The cost and the total operations pricing of a business management solution are what every institution initially thinks of. Moreover, almost every business management solution available comes at a price where the companies should set aside a certain amount in the budget, especially for it. In addition, at the end of the day, the decision of buying a product primarily depends upon how much it costs. Let’s understand the basic aspects of Odoo software and the SAP system.

Odoo ERP Pricing

Odoo is the prominent business management and control solution used by more than 7 million users all around the world. Considering Odoo the platform is available in two editions the Odoo Community edition which comes free of charge and the Odoo Enterprise edition which can be subscribed to. Moreover, the Odoo Enterprise edition has transparent flat-rate pricing for each of the Odoo apps you use and the number of users who need to have access as well as operational control of the business in your company. This will be helpful for medium-scale businesses as they only have to pay for what they are using. 

SAP ERP Pricing

SAP is considered to be an expensive business management solution available on the market. The pricing of the SAP software varies between companies and the features they are using. Moreover, considering small and medium-scale establishments the pricing aspect of the SAP software solution would be higher.

Pricing Conclusion

In comparison, the pricing aspect of the Odoo ERP is lower than that of the SAP business management software and it will be the best suite for medium-scale establishments.

2) Customizability

Considering the aspect of small and medium scale business the capability to undergo customization of the business managing solutions is inevitable. This is because as most businesses function differently the need for dedicated solutions which suit their operational parameters is essential.

Odoo ERP Customization

Odoo is a complete business management software that can undergo complete customization to meet the operational and functional demands of any business. Making it one of the prominent business management solutions used by medium-scale companies. In addition, with the help of dedicated and experienced Odoo implementation partners, the business can be able to craft an Odoo solution based on the operational aspect of the business.

SAP ERP Customization

SAP is one of the business management solutions which cannot undergo high levels of customization. This decreases its popularity due to medium-scale businesses because each business functions in a different manner and having one default solution will not work out, especially in the case of medium-scale businesses.

Customizability Conclusion

In comparison, Odoo is a complete business management solution that can undergo any level of customization which will be best suited for medium-scale business.

3) Updations

The key to keeping up with the modern trends of the business world is to keep updating the software solutions making them capable to meet the needs of the market. Keeping the operational aspect and its tools updated will ensure that the business and its users have the right solutions that keep them on top of performance.

Odoo ERP Updates

Odoo releases a new version of the software every year. The new releases are advanced and more efficient versions of the previous ones ensuring that the users are provided with complete and efficient tools of operation. In addition to this, the platform developers bring in minor updates on the existing platform which will bring in new features. These version upgrades ensure that the software is more secure and enhanced to prevent data leakage.

SAP ERP Updates

Updates and the release of new versions are also common in SAP. However, it’s not able to meet that of the Odoo platform. This is major because it’s been majorly used by the large scales businesses. Therefore, bringing in an update to an existing system used in a large corporation will be difficult. There would be downtimes which will disrupt the production in the companies. Thus developing new updates often would not be useful.

Updations Conclusion

In comparison, as the Odoo platform brings in new and updated versions every year it’s way more capable and advanced than any of the business management solutions.

4) Support

In regards to the operational aspect of business management tools the continuous support of the software developer or its allied partners is needed for the business. This will ensure that the companies have smooth and efficient support. 

Odoo ERP Support

The Odoo platform is supported continuously by the Odoo community consisting of Odoo implementation partners, Odoo developers, Odoo consultants, and all Odoo supporting members. They will ensure that the users of the platform are capable of effectively executing their tasks. In addition, ist the Odoo community which is responsible for all the new version releases and updates. 

SAP Support

Considering SAP there are numerous vendors operating all around the world extending their support in terms of SAP implementation for business. These are helpful for organizations in SAP integration for their business management. 

Support Conclusion

In comparison, Odoo has a dedicated group. Of people and organizations who are there to support the Odoo users and businesses. This will be much helpful for medium-scale companies as they need third constant support in need to add operational aspects to the platform.

5) Applications (Modules)

The need for application-specific tools inside business management software is necessary as it will help the companies to function with deducted aspects of the operation.

Odoo ERP Apps

Other than the modules available in the Odoo ERP solution there are dedicated application-specific Odoo Apps. The Odoo apps are available in the Odoo app store which can be accessed online. Here the business can purchase applications that are needed for the business operation and integration. There are paid as well as unpaid passes in the Odoo Apps store.

SAP ERP Modules

The SAP comes in with inbuilt modules which can be enabled to use or disabled If not needed. Moreover, there is no dedicated dow for the other applications. All the SAP modules are dedicated application-level solutions which care about the complete and effective business management aspects. 

Applications Conclusion

In comparison, the Odoo ERP solution has a dedicated Odoo Apps store where numerous application-specific modules which are not available by default in the platform can be purchased and used.

These are the specific common aspects on which the Odoo ERP solution and SAP ERP software can be compared. Let’s now move on to understanding certain features of the Odoo platform and understand. On what makes it a better business management solution in the next section. 

Advanced features of the Odoo platform

Odoo is a complete and one-stop business manning solution with the fictional and operational capability to manage any form of business. The high efficiency and the realistic approach to business management and its operational control make it one of the best tools. Here are certain of the feature of the Odoo platform which makes it a better business management solution than any other tools available:

  • Best suited for medium-scale establishments
  • Complete customization capability
  • Dedicated modular infrastructure
  • Completely integrated and connected modules
  • Operational specific applicational modules of operation. 
  • Support of Odoo community
  • Odoo App store for advanced tool
  • Cost-efficient
  • High return on investment
  • A new version is released every year
  • Advanced and modern operations capability
  • User-Friendly interface
  • Modular and flexible
  • Enterprise and Community edition available

These are certain of the advanced features of the Odoo platform which make it a better and more efficient business managing tool.


Considering medium-scale business Odoo is the best-suited solution. With its advanced operational capabilities along with the subscription-based model which provides the software to the business at lower prices. In comparison with SAP enterprise resource planning softwares, the Odoo platform is a complete and efficient business management solution.

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