Odoo Vs Oracle Comparison 2022: Which one is better?

Odoo vs Oracle
Odoo vs Oracle

The need for effective tools for the management of the business and its allied operations in an organization is vital in today’s century. This is because the constraints as well as the various hazards of functioning with dedicated solutions are higher. To add up the ever-changing world where fast-paced operations are occurring, the need for dedicated and dignified solutions to the aspects of functioning in a business is much required.

Today business management solutions are of vital importance and more than 50 percent of businesses that are operating in the world consider it a vital and unavoidable asset for the functioning of the business. Among all the ERP solutions which are available in the market Odoo and Oracle are two of the prominent ones used by many institutions for their effective business management aspects.

The evolution of technology and the advancement in telecommunications facilities have helped to the boom of various solutions that race for the effective functioning of the business management operation. With the numerous solutions which are awoken the selection process is also made difficult for the business management.

Odoo enterprise resource planning is one of the advanced and new generation business management solutions with all the advanced operational features which are needed for the business. Moreover, the customization capability of the Odoo enterprise resource planning system is going to help it adhere to any form, scale, and section of business operations and management which can be done effectively with help of dedicated Odoo ERP modules available in the Odoo platform.

Keeping that in mind this blog will deliver reference material for the decision making where the two prominent business management solutions are the Odoo platform and the Oracle business management solution. This blog will provide a detailed insight into the functional as well as operational aspects of both the solutions being compared on the different parameters of functioning.

Need for comparison

The need to choose the best and most effective solution which is for the betterment of the business operations is varied. As the selection of the wrong solution in regards to any software requirement or business management or any aspects of the operation of an organization will result in catastrophic losses in terms of productivity as well as profit aspects.

The responsibility of choosing the best solution falls upon the shoulders of the business managers as well as owners who will have to study various business management solutions which are available to understand the credibility and the capability of this solution. A thorough study with a premier analysis of the common and uncommon parameters of the software solution will help them choose the business.


Odoo ERP

Odoo is one of the prominent business management solutions which will provide for the effectiveness of the operations and management. This is a unique all-in-one tool that will be effective for the complete and effective business management suitable for any form of business irresp[ective of the sector, scale, and the parts of the world they function with. With the support of the Odoo software community and the Odoo apps, the business will be able to run the functioning operations to be done effectively.

Moreover, the modular approach to functioning provides them with dedicated business management tools for every aspect of company operation with a dedicated application-specific module. With more than 7 million users stretching all around the gold where successful Odoo implementation is being conducted the platform tops the market as the best business manifest solution available today.


Oracle is an effective enterprise resource planning tool which is the combination and collective operation of various comprehensive tools needed for effective business management. Moreover, the Oracle enterprise resource planning solution operates a cloud ERP with a SaaS support named Oracle Cloud Software as a Service tool. It consists of solutions such as Oracle Financials Cloud, Oracle Accounting Hub, Oracle Project Management, Oracle Procurement Cloud, and  Oracle Risk Management Cloud all unanimously working together for the systematic management of the business. These solutions need to be configured individually for effective business management and then integrated All together to function to the same approach goal.

These are the basic aspects of the Odoo ERP and the Oracle enterprise resource planning solution which bring in effective business management for the business operation. Before moving on to the comparison aspects let’s now move on to understand what both solutions have to offer which will provide further detailed insight into the capabilities of both business management solutions in the next section.

What do both offer?


Implementation of ERP is vital in the business environment in which every company functions today and the Odoo ERP does what most businesses dream of to bring in collective control of the entire aspects of the business operation under one platform and the capability to manage all of them with simple operations. Here are the certain aspects that the Odoo platform offers and these are also the best features of the Odoo platform making it the exceptional business management tool that we know of today.

All-Inclusive business management

Odoo ERP Software is a complete business management solution with dedicated tools for every aspect of the management of the operations in business. These tools are application-specific modules of operation which will help with the management aspects of the dedicated and specific operation of the functioning of a business in a company. Moreover, Odoo is termed as the All in One business management solution which is suitable for the management of the operation of any type of business with efficiency, reliability, and high productivity.

Continuous Advancements

The Odoo platform brings in newer versions of the platform every year and this is a tradition that has been followed since the year 2014 starting with Odoo 8, today we have the advanced version of Odoo, the Odoo 15 the fastest and highest performing Odoo ever to be released. The aspects of bringing in a new version of Odoo will ensure that the new up-gradation and operational tools of business management are brought in for the aspects of the control of the company operations.

Low bugs and hazards during operation

Odoo is crafted rigidly to cope with the operational aspects of any business operation making sure that the functional aspects of the business are effectively managed. However, the bugs and maintenance aspects needed while functioning with Odoo are on the lower side in case any occur numerous solution providers are available all around the world to serve you at the time of need.

Cost-effective pricing

Although Odoo is not the cheapest business management solution that is available in the market it is a cost-effective solution meaning that it provides you with worthier business management for the amount you pay. Moreover, the Odoo platform is available on a subscription basis where the business will only have to pay a smaller amount for the time it’s been subscribed for the business operation. In addition, a free version of the platform, the Odoo Community edition with limited features is also available for the business to use for effective business management. However, no level of customization is possible in the Community Edition of the Odoo platform.

These are certain of the major aspects of the Odoo platform that are put forward to ensure that the business has the best tool to deal with the operations and their functional management in a company. Now let’s move on to the next section where the aspects of the Oracle business management solution are being discussed.


Oracle is a business management solution that works on the combinations of versions of tools that are being perfectly crafted for the management of aspects of a business functioning. The combination aspects should be configured based on the needs of the business and functional aspects. The distinctive and functional features of the Oracle business management tool make it an exceptional solution that the business can trust and make use of for reliable operations management. Here are certain of the salient features and capabilities of the Oracle platform which is been put forward to the business.

Convenient data management

Effective data management is one of the key features of the Odoo platform making sure that the data collection and the effective management of it are being done with the help of dedicated tools functioning. The Oracle system focuses on the aspect of storage of data, effective management of it, reliable online data transactions, and various aspects of the functional management invade with the data management and operations on them. Moreover, the Oracle business management systems specialize in handling large application loads and massive amounts of data.

Highly Scalable

The Scalability aspects of the Oracle business management solution are high compared to other business management solutions functioning with a wide range of tools and functional applications for the effective management of the business and the data management aspects.

Simple Clear And User-friendly operations

The Oracle system is user-friendly in aspects of its function and operating with it ensures that the users are provided with a simple and clear aspect of business management. Available to use in different operating systems with the advantages of easy operational control makes it an exceptional solution for the business management aspects. In addition, the capability to be easily integrated with ease and effective functionality no matter the business you function in makes it one of the exceptional business management solutions.

Symantec Support

Oracle brings a solution that is being used globally; the users are provided with effective support at the time of need in any part of the world with steady repairs and support on the bugs and their fixing aspects.

These are the salient and the beast capabilities of the Oracle business management solution puff words to its users for effective operation and control. As we have understood both the Odoo enterprise resource planning softwares as well as the Oracle business management solution individually let us now move on to the next section where they are being compared with each order based on the same parameters helping you to understand which or tunes business management solutions are better for the business management.

Odoo Vs Oracle

If you have read from the beginning you would have understood that both the Odoo ERP as well as the Oracle business management solution are exceptional tools for the aspects of the functioning of a business. However, to understand which is better both the Odoo as well as the Oracle platform should be compared toe to toe on the same parameter to understand their capability. This is exactly what we have done where red shed to understand the capabilities as well as to know which is best among both for business.


Considering a business management tool which is a huge investment from the side of the business, the pricing and the implementation cost big issues to be considered before choosing one.


Odoo is the cost-efficient business management solution and the best enterprise resource planning tool which every business needs. The basic package of Odoo with pretty decent features in comparison to other business management solutions comes in at 20$ which is not that much. This is because the platform is available for the business based on a subscription basis with full business management and operational functionality. With the subscription of Odoo for 20$ you will obtain operational control for:

  • Enterprise Asset Management for finches as well as other assets
  • Financial management with a dedicated Accounting module
  • Personnel Management with the Planning and Project module
  • Customer Relationship Management with complete and efficient CRM
  • Order management for both offline as well as Online Orders
  • Distribution Management with dedicated Logistics management along with a fleet control module.
  • Project management for functioning and monitoring of every project operations
  • Inventory Management for complete and dedicated warehouse management
  • Analytics on all aspects of business operation with dedicated tools
  • Reporting for the entire aspects of the business operation available in all the modules of operations in the Odoo platform.


Oracle’s business management solution is costlier in comparison to Odoo as it costs 75$ a month to function with the business. In addition, the Oracle business management solution lacks Distribution Management, Personnel management, Customer Relationship Management, and Warehouse Management aspects which are much needed for every business.


In regards to a business management solution, they should be capable of supporting various platforms as they are being used by various businesses all around the world operating in different sectors of operation as well as scales of functioning. Therefore, they might be using computers and screens with different operating systems, and the business management solution should be able to be supported in those operations.


Odoo ERP software is a global business management solution that is being used by numerous businesses therefore, the Odoo developer had been keen enough to be developing the Odoo to be supportable in multiple operating systems. Odoo is compatible to be operable with systems having Windows, Mac, and cloud-based screens. In addition, the Odoo platform also works on Android and iOS mobile devices which will be helpful for business operations and supportable in remote functioning of the business. For Odoo ERP implementations services visit here.


Oracle business management solution is compatible only with cloud-based operations which makes it usable on any operational screens having internet connectivity. A helpful feature but Oracle will not be capable of managing a business that is functioning offline which might be a disadvantage to be usable in certain business operations.

Language support

Being a business management solution its reachability should be aimed to be globally therefore, these solutions should be supportable in any language. In addition, the multilanguage supportability will also benefit the International business.


Odoo ERP has its reach globally and one of the primary reasons for it is the capability to support any language which has a written alphabet. This is a feature that comes under the localization aspects helping the business to run in regional languages, a much helpful feature for businesses all around the world.


Oracle business management solution is only supportable in the English language and further operation with any other languages around the world requires a high-end configuration. This will have a direct impact on the business operational capability as the users and the employees of the business of the Oracle platform should be well literate in the English language.

These are certain of the major differences between the Odoo ERP and the Oracle business management tool, helping you to understand which solution is better for the business management of your organization. Both the Oracle and the Odoo platforms fall into the Enterprise and Resource planning solution category of business management. Now ERP solutions are considered the prime tools of business management with ultimate capabilities bringing ineffective and complete business management for its users and organizations.


Among all the ERP solutions which are available in the market Odoo and Oracle are two of the prominent ones used by many institutions for their effective business management aspects. Moreover, it can be said that both of them are competitors and equally powerful solutions exhibiting unique and specific qualities. Furthermore, comparing both of them will provide you with insight into which solution you should choose based on the functional needs of your business. Let’s initially understand the basic aspect of both the solutions before moving into the comparison part.

In comparison, with the same parameters of functioning for the Odoo ERP as well as the Oracle business management solution, we have incurred the Odoo stand tall offering reliable and effective business management for companies all around the world that the Oracle business management solution.

Odoo ERP is the best ERP software for manufacturing and therefore the best ERP solutions for small business. We offer customization and implementation of ERP system. Nevpro business solutions is one of the top ERP Development companies worldwide.

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