Odoo Vs Infor Comparison 2022: Which one is better?

Odoo vs Infor
Odoo vs Infor

With the turn of the century, digitalized aspects came into existence both in the life of individuals and in the business sector. The minute invention of cellphones has transformed the way we did things in both aspects and with the evolution of technology to the advanced one which we know of today. Moreover, it can be said that most aspects of human life are now dependent on these advanced technologies and solutions.

The breakout of the software revolution with the invention of computers and other advanced telecommunication systems has paved the way for the development of the quality of life we own. Major routine activities have been simplified with these advanced technologies. The impact of the software had revolutionized the business sector majorly improving the productivity as well as the profitability aspects of the business and the way they function with.

Today most of the business management aspects of a company rely on dedicated tools which support the entire functional operations. Among the software solutions which are available Enterprise Resource Planning solution tops the chart in offering complete and dedicated business management aspects.

These enterprise resource planning softwares solutions are available in numerous numbers offering dedicated and complete business management. However, choosing the right enterprise resource planning system is suitable for the business is a tiresome task that will need to be done with the utmost care after sussing each ERP system and comparing its parameters and characteristics.

Among the ERP systems, Odoo and Infor are two of the prominent ERP solutions which is available in the market offering effective business management for their users. Business owners, they cannot straightly jump on into the te business management with an ERP implementation they need to study on which to choose in comparison to each other.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a comparative insight on both Odoo and Infor helping the business and managers in understanding its capabilities and functional aspects. Let me provide a brief insight on both platforms before moving on to the comparison aspects.

1) Introduction

What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo ERP

Odoo is a new generation business management tool which is been specially crafted for the management of the business operation of the companies providing insight and functional control on all aspects of the business. Moreover, it can be said to be one solution where the business will be able to improve productivity as well as the profitability of the operation.

Odoo Software is been crafted with a modular approach providing the users with distinctive application-specific modules of functioning which will be effective in the business management aspects. Odoo ERP software is an advanced tool with a combination of effective and collaborative business control for the betterment of the business.

What is Infor?


Infor is the cloud-based solution provider for the business for effective operations management. Founded in 2002 mainly focusing on the manufacturing operational control of the business the solution has been developed as a solution that will offer complete business management. Infor solutions are specifically focused on industries keeping the user experience, advanced technologies, and integrability with existing systems of operations.

As we have understood the basics of the Odoo ERP and the Infor solution for business management let’s now move on to the comparison aspects where both the platform can be compared based on the functionalities and capabilities. This will provide you with the rightful insight on choosing the best solution for your business management.

2) Capability to operate in business size

The operational capability of a solution to operate in a definite size of the business will time one of the primary capabilities of the platform.


Considering those aspects the Odoo platform is the best solution as it can be operational in Small. Medium and large-scale establishments. With the help of the best Odoo implementation company, the business can craft the perfect Odoo solution based on the need.


Whereas the Infor business management solution is best suitable for medium and large-scale establishments and not at the best operational capability for small-scale businesses.

3) Language support

The operational language is another parameter to determine the suitable solution as the tools which are developed for business management are not only international but should be suitable for a region of functioning. 


The Odoo platform supports any defined language and can be operated with ease where the languages can be switched upon need easily and can also function with multiple languages at a time. The distinctive modules which support each of the languages can be installed based on the need. Moreover, any language with a vocabulary and set of alphabets can be downloaded externally and implemented in Odoo with the help of an Odoo developer company.


Whereas the Infor business management solutions support English in the US, Canada, UK, and a handful of  International languages. Likewise in Odoo, the Infor solution needs the languages which need to be operational to be configured. This will ensure that the entire menus of operation are based on the base languages which is being selected.

4) Supported platform

As software solutions should be operated on computers or advanced smart devices the supportability feature of a business management solution is a parameter of consideration.


The Odoo software can be made to operate from Android, Windows, iOS, MAC and other Web-based solutions making it operate in any form of devices available. This will ensure that the business will be able to operate from smart devices which are also remotely operated a feature that is best suitable for the production-based business as well as file service operations.


In the case of Infor business management solutions support on Android, iOS and Web-based operations are possible ensured with the help of a distinctive application that can run the entire operation. Helping the remote-based operation and control of the business make sure that the business managers and the owners are always connected to the ongoings of the business remotely and lively providing real-time updates of functioning.

5) Supported Types

The operational support types of a solution used for the business management and its allied operations are of vital functional need.


The Odoo ERP supports the aspects of raising tickets, live support as well training operations on the platforms. Moreover, the capability to be operated from phones and smart devices due to the mobile phone support capability will ensure that the business managers are always connected to the company operations.


Infor business management solution is suitable for the management of the company functioning as ist capable of managing all the internal aspects as well as the ones where external parties are involved. Remote operation with cloud-based connectivity is possible for effective business management.

6) Integration capabilities

In regards to the functioning of a business management solution in a company, it can not be made to operate for the entire aspects of functioning, therefore, the need for integrations with other advanced solutions. These integrations will help the business to operate with full capability and brining effective management aspects to the functioning improving the productivity, profitability aspects along with the reliability of operations.


Odoo being a solution that supports the business operations management in any way is capable of underground various tools to be integrated. Moreover, the platform itself has dedicated applications that specify modules that are available in the build to support the integration. Moreover, there are various Odoo Apps available in Odoo Apps Store which will help with the third-party applications and solutions to be integrated.


In the case of Infor, a business management solution supports the integration of certain third-party solutions and tools. The aspects such as Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Enterprise Asset Management (EAS), and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are Infor integrable solutions that support business management.

7) Support for Software

Any solution which is been implemented in a business of the operation required the support of the makers or service providers as the operators will not be well versed in the technical aspects of its business.


The Odoo enterprise resource planning is been supported by various Odoo Implementation partners who are present all over the world offering complete and dedicated services for rectification of errors as well as development based on the need. All of these Odoo Partners are Odoo certified and have been well experienced in Odoo ERP Implementation and other allied aspects of it.


Infor business management solution is directly supported by the company itself and by various service providers who are available all around the globe. When the business managers present the need to the developers the modifications are done to the Infor business management solution based on the functional and operational needs.

These are the certain aspects that can help to compare both the Odoo ERP as well as Infor business management solutions. We hope that this helped choose the right solution. To add up to your enlightenment in the next section we will be discussing certain of the salient features of both platforms providing you with more detailed insight.

8) Features of the platform


The Odoo is the all-in-one business management platform that falls into the category of new generation tools which provide more efficiency as well as reliability to operations management.

Here are certain of the salient features of the platform.

  • There are dedicated modules of operations available each defined or distinctive management of operations in a business.
  • Complete Accounting management from the CRM operations to the Production planning
  • E-signature and dedicated Approvals management process.
  • Complete and effective warehouse management system; the Inventory module.
  • Integrated CRM and sale management
  • Run online, retail, and wholesale business operations all from the same platform. Define multiple companies of operations and support multilanguage aspects.
  • Timesheet-based billing and planning operational control.

These are certain of the salient features of the Odoo platform which make it stand out from other business management solutions. Let’s now move on to understand the features of the Infor business management solution.


The Infor business management solution is an advanced solution suitable for the operational control of the functionings of an establishment. Here are certain of the best features of the Infor business management solution:

  • Product configuration and production and manufacturing management tools and supporting menus.
  • Definite quality control and management at the various aspects of the business operation management can be defined.
  • Automate management of financial documents
  • Operational analysis report and insight which is being auto-generated timely.
  • Whare house and materials management for effective inventory operations.
  • Order management for effective functioning
  • Planning and scheduling operations.

These are certain of the best and most effective features of the Infor business management solutions which make it an exceptional tool for the business.


In conclusion, it can be said that both the platforms which have been compared here The Odoo ERP Software as well as Infor business management solutions exhibit certain specific qualities which are needed for business operations. However, in comparison where we have analyzed various of the parameters which are needed in a business management solution, it seems that the Odoo ERP has the upper hand and is vets suitable for the business management operations of a company.

Odoo ERP is the best ERP software for manufacturing and therefore the best ERP solutions for small business. We offer customization and implementation of ERP system. Nevpro business solutions is one of the top ERP Development companies worldwide.

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