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Talking about Odoo, we have become so familiar with it now, knowing every nook and cranny of the opensource ERP Platform that we manage to pin down almost any problem dealing with it. We come across many queries with people keen on finding more information about the open source platform. People struggle to find good sources of information on Odoo implementation. So we decided to compile  a list of resources that are the most helpful for OPENERP development and Learning. Also, if you think I missed out any, I’d love if you’d share them in the comments below!

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Odoo OpenERP Documentation.

With the new version just come out, the documentation is not complete, it’s still in development. There are some topics that are not complete. The good news is, that is has got tons of information about Odoo9 useful for you if you are looking to find some insight about working of Odoo ERP modules. It has even got this helpful tutorial guiding you step by step.And to make you feel better,  it is constantly being updated, so it’ll probably become much better over time. Great Isn’t it?

Here’s the official link to the documentation:


Official documentation for older Odoo versions.

If you are still using the older version or have come up with a doubt concerning the older version of odoo opensource erp, dont go down and out about it. You can find the older version of odoo as well. There’s the Documentation for version 8 which is lot more complete than this one which can be found. Documentation for version 7 can be fetched as well.(Odoo 7 was popular as OpenERP). In case  you need to go back even further to OpenERP 6 documentation, you will find it too. It will make your learning much more easier and help you know Odoo ERP features lot better. In case that does not solve your problem, check out the other resource or even simple just drop us a mail and we will look into the matter and try to help you. If you liked Odoo and want to have your business ERP designed using Odoo, do visit us at www.nevpro.co.in.

Odoo ERP Videos

We keep putting out videos about Odoo ERP at our youtube channel also. You should check out Odoo ERP tutorial videos put out by us. Dont forget to subscribe to our channel and keep yourself updated with all the information about this ERP Platform. We will a post a list of the best podcasts and videos for odoo erp in the coming days here on this blog. Keep a close watch for it.

Here’s the link to our youtube channel:



Odoo Open Source ERP Software Presentations

I personally always prefer presentations over anything else, its just very clear and gives to he point ideas. So have put together some presentations that I think are most useful for new developers:


Odoo Guidelines

“Odoo new API guideline’s” – it’s a document providing much more detailed description of the new API, than the one that can be found in the official docs. If you face any difficulty understanding  the guidelines for odoo openerp visit our Nevpro’s website.

Refer Odoo codes.

Ask your query to sublime editor. Sublime Text editor has a wonderful search feature, that lets you search the whole project tree using regular expressions. Developers use this constantly to find examples or find and analyze original classes and methods.

Google and StackOverflow

Usually a programmer’s best friends,google and stackoverflow don’t help much with Odoo related doubts and queries. Still, you can try. Unfortunately more often than not you will be disappointed. That’s one of the reasons I wrote this blog – to provide Google with some actual answers. And last but not the least there’s always us.

Our Blog about Odoo Open ERP

As I told earlier we work a lot on Odoo platform, we use it so much and so well to provide customised cost effective business software solutions like open source erp software and Odoo CRM that we have escalated to become official Odoo Partners now. We have gathered quite some knowledge about Open Source ERP in the years through all the head hammering and learning and so keep sharing it through our blog. We put out solutions to technical doubts related to odoo and informative pieces, updates about Odoo on a regular basis. Do check out our blog at:https://www.nevprobusinesssolutions.com/category/blogs/odooopenerp/.

Now I want to hear from you.

What do you think of these resources and which one do you use the most?

Or maybe I missed a really good informative resource that provides information about Odoo.

Either way, leave a comment below to let me know.