An ERP gives additional ease of accessibility if it has a Mobile support, and here Odoo is coming with different Apps which can bring your ERP in your hands, you can use it easily On the Go.

Odoo SA is providing 3 Odoo apps for Android.


Apps :

  1. Odoo CRM (BETA)
  2. Odoo Messaging
  3. Odoo Notes
  1. Odoo CRM (BETA) :

    Odoo CRM allows you to manage Scheduled Calls, Meetings and TODO’s Opportunities, You can convert opportunity to quotation, and send by email.The new Odoo CRM for mobile phones manages opportunities on the go. Every salesperson will can use it. Even though this new mobile app is still in beta version, it already has all the features and benefits that we can expect from a great mobile CRM app.

    “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

    The look and feel of the CRM mobile app is very impressive. With a clean interface, we’ve been able to build a strong CRM app. This interface is based on elements of Google. Indeed, we really wanted users to feel as though they’re in a familiar environment – making the on-boarding easier and keeping the user experience recognizable.

    It has great interface, Enhanced user experience and Comprehensive set of features.

    Major Features:

    • Works Offline
    • Works for SaaS and Self Hosted Instances
    • Manage your day in one screen – Agenda
    • Phone call support for Incoming and Outgoing calls
    • Full access to chatter on leads, opportunity, quotes and other documents
  2. Odoo Messaging :

    Odoo Mobile Client is Enterprise Social Client based on Android, enables you to access your Odoo Inbox and groups, encourage you to updated with companies’ current activities for which you are responsible.Major Features :

    • Offline Access
    • Multiple Account Support
    • Message with multiple file attachment.
    • Widget support
    • Odoo Instances (saas) Login
  3. Odoo Notes :

    Getting Things Done with Notes
    Organize yourself with efficient todo lists and notes. From personal tasks to collaborative meeting minutes, increase your user’s productivity by giving them the tools to prioritize their work, share their ideas and collaborate on documents.Major Features :

    • New look and feel
    • Fast performance
    • Odoo Instances (saas) Login
    • Offline support
    • Reminder support
    • Attachment support
    • All new tags filters

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