Odoo ERP : Sales Order Management Module

Odoo ERP is completely customizable which makes it perfect for all types of businesses. Odoo OPENERP is the most installed software in the world being used by 2.000.000 users worldwide ranging from small business having a single user to huge companies with 300 000 users of Odoo ERP.

Odoo is an opensource ERP offering many modules like sales and invoice management. There is a sale management module which has invoices like draft quotations and sale orders. There are also other modules like e-invoicing,invoicing,Invoice Analysis per Company, Invoicing & Payments etc.

For basic operations like sale orders, purchase orders, financial accounting, invoicing, etc, there is the option of core modules of sales, purchase and account. There are many more other modules that you can choose from. We even have created custom modules for many companies making the business process smoother for them by providing a erp system that works according to their business requirement. Odoo ERP being a opensource erp provides you with the option of choosing what you want on your platter. Implement only the modules that is most suited for your business.

Odoo ERP sales order management module gives you everything from polished quotations to complete sales and delivery orders.

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(source: https://www.odoo.com/)

This erp has purchase module which  gives you purchase orders etc.

For accounting I would start with account, account_account and account_payment and see how you go as this gives you financial accounting, journals etc., plus invoicing/refunds etc.

Note these are the technical names. Click on Settings -> Installed Modules and the technical name is under the full name in the Kan ban view.

After these core modules, many businesses add special features to make it suit their process. Start with these and see how you go with the core stuff first. One of the many cool things in OpenERP is how simple it is to try stuff. Backup your database (and test restoring it), install a new module and have a play. If you don’t like it, just roll back to your backup.

At its core, Odoo is a platform and the ERP is built on that platform using modules. Some modules are huge (account, sales)and some are small used to perform a single small task.

To give you a better insight about odoo modules, we have explained odoo sales module.

Odoo Sales Module allows you to manage your sales goals in an effective and efficient manner by keeping track of all sales orders and history.

It handles the full sales workflow:

Quotation -> Sales order -> Invoice

This is just the basic module that we have showcased. At Nevpro Business Solutions, we customize it further to suit the requirements of your business. For odoo erp implementation and odoo customization, visit us at Nevpro.co.in.

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