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There are numerous ERPs available on the market. And even after having been tardy to the party, Odoo ERP stands for enterprise resource planning softwares that is used throughout the organization to manage business processes. It’s progressed away from being an ERP software that was thought to be appropriate for entrepreneurs and small businesses to an advanced enterprise resource planning software that has grown into one of the major players in the Industry. Odoo was able to break the pool of competitors with its user-friendly ERP. While the competitors were trying to serve diverse industries and industries, Odoo focused on the most simple and user-friendly ERP. Enterprise resource planning can be defined as the capacity to offer an integrated set of business-related applications.

Odoo ERP is now the preferred ERP (enterprise resource plan) for businesses that want an assortment of modules and tools. These are typically found in the offerings of ERP providers that are commonly used. Because it is an open source ERP software Odoo ERP receives regular updates that ensure it is an ERP software is able to take advantage of the latest ERP technology. Odoo offers seamlessly integrated functional business applications, known as Odoo applications that create the ERP system when integrated. Being an Odoo-based development firm in India we have assisted numerous companies leverage Odoosoftware to help them achieve their business objectives. Get the most effective Odoo ERP consulting and ERP solution in India right here.

Key Modules Of Odoo ERP


As an Odoo ERP firm in India, we can assist your company to control cash flow, reporting ledgers, accounts balance sheets, tax invoices budgeting, as well as many other accounting tasks.


Sales apps that are in use today don't help As Odoo Consulting in India we can aid you to track your sales by tracking marketing and sales activity. Find out which strategies are effective and which don't apply to each product or service.


Create your website as an extension of your business, not an online portal of a company, or an online outlet through the implementation of ERP. Your website can transform from a mere marketing tool to an effective lead-capturing platform.

Inventory & MRP

Find the most efficient stocking method and optimize all your internal processes with Odoo ERP customisation. Odoo's double entry inventory does not have inventory input, output, or transformation.


Control all vital details for every department in one place with the Odoo ERP integration. Make sensitive information visible to HR managers only, or make other information available for employees to view like an employee's directory.


Marketing can be difficult however that doesn't mean it isn't possible to simplify it, by integrating Odoo ERP integration gives you the data you require to beat and outsmart your competitors.


Set up your teams for projects while taking holidays of employees into consideration. Odoo ERP system implementations allows you to prepare for projects in the near future by establishing forecasts based upon comparable projects. It also lets you determine deadlines with greater accuracy.


Engage in discussions at the various levels of your business. Find a summary of the subjects being discussed as well as the latest messages on this module's RSS feed.

Project Module

Plan your project with a clear outline of the pipeline. This Project Module helps in balancing various tasks and timelines with ease.

Event Module

Don't lose track of the forthcoming events, meetings, and briefings by using the event scheduling tool. Connect to your ERP system to make managing your events easy.

Other Odoo Apps

Other ERP modules in Odoo Application store are:-


Key Benefits Of Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP Solutions Integration is an asset for your organization. You can be sure of smooth day-to-day operations and achieve long-term targets effortlessly. An Odoo ERP customization provides the ability to make better decisions for hassle-free business processes. 

Increased Colloboration

Enhanced Communication


Website Management


Holistic Marketing


Open Source

Who can opt for Odoo ERP Customization?

According to the findings of our Odoo analysis, Odoo is a reasonably suitable ERP option for small and medium-sized enterprises that you must think about when you are evaluating your software. Many industries employ Odoo software. Odoo ERP is the best erp software for manufacturing. Nowadays ERP in manufacturing industry is a must.


All Business Size


All Business Types


All Business Departments


We offer a complete range of  Odoo ERP implementations & customization. Our team comprises of qualified experts who have extensive experience in the Odoo ERP customization and implementation of ERP system. At Nevpro, we understand your business requirements and provide an exclusive tailor-made Odoo ERP solutions to help your business unleash its true potential in the global marketplace and grow extensively! Nevpro is best ERP software company in India. If you want to hire dedicated Odoo Developer visit here. Nevpro business solutions is one of the top Odoo Development companies worldwide. Our Odoo development services are well crafted and planned as per your operational requirements after continuous consultation and analysis on your business operation. Get the best Odoo ERP development & consulting for small business, or hire a dedicated Odoo Developer right from here.

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