NevCampusPro-Nevpro’s School Management System


Nevpro’s school management system is a comprehensive solution, designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art web technology, aimed at improving the quality of education management.


We offer customized School Management System, also popularly known as Education Management System or College Management System, that could centralize and automate every existing process in an educational institution. With a multi-institution setup within a single instance, this school management software system can act as a robust backbone to your institution providing you with the support needed for the smooth functioning of the day to day operations.
Our school management ERP software allows schools and other educational institutions to store all of their information electronically. All the data about Students, Staff, Results, Management can be easily monitored using Nevpro’s school management system solution to help improve the efficiency of the organization.
Being web-based in nature, this school management system software can be accessed from any location. Our ERP for school management system highly configurable access control management enables admins to provide visibility to only those areas where the user is authorized to access. Further customizations can also be made depending on institutions requirements.

Our Feature Of Nevpro’s School Management System

School Management System

Single Portal

Transparency in operations

Uniformity maintained

Integration of SMS & Email

Monitoring day-to-day operations

Easy Enrollment

Simplified admission process

Integration with Fee module & accounts section

Smooth registration procedure

Automated data creation of confirmed student

School Management System
School Management System

Documnet Management

Generating Reports

Accuracy of paperless system

Simultaneous editing coordination

Security and access control

Intelligent Organization

Library Management

Addition, Deletion, Modification view of books

Penalty control

Reduced errors of misplacement

User details

School Management System
School Management System

Student Management

Exam Management

Doubts solving

Proper record of attendance

Updating lecture schedules

Assigning and collecting projects

Sending report cards

Faculty Management

Payroll management

Classroom and subject allotment

Performance monitoring

Better coordination with management team

School Management System