Days of simple classrooms, ordinary benches, few students and one teacher are long gone. Today, Schools have premier smart E-classrooms, well equipped playgrounds and highly professional teaching staffs which aids in achieving academic and extracurricular excellence International level.

With these elements coming into picture, School management is not an easy task anymore. Amount of paper work ranging from student’s registration information to providing overall performance report to parent is a hectic task. We at Nevpro, have designed a complete School Management software assistance to minimize all traditional paperwork and avoid chaos or data loss. Nev Campus Pro is a School Management System designed to provide the teaching, non-teaching, management staff as well as parents and students with a platform to access data for clear, fast and efficient access to information. It aims at facilitating an easy, functional and convenient system to minimize wastage of time and efforts for your institution while maximizing productivity. This School Management System enables you to access data regarding all the processes in your institution, from student progress reports, fee collection, exam schedules to details of students who have recently graduated, at the click of a button. It streamlines all processes and gathers data from across your institution to bring you a system which is simple to work with and is comprehensive.

Adopting a School Management System for your institution will improve data storage and retrieval systems by keeping all information arranged systematically and also establish a better image of your institution due to the presence of a well-maintained and transparent system in place.

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