MRP System : Keep a track of manufacturing moves

How to define a location to keep track of manufacturing moves?

Use the menu Warehouse > Traceability > Stock Moves.

To check the moves of your preference, input the Production location in the search field and then group by Source or Destination.

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Traceability in Odoo MRP System.

Traceability allows you to track your production lots. It also enables you to easily find products in the warehouse. You would just have to assign a number of lot to each product and you could track it in the system. This MRP System makes it very easy to search for the cause of any gaps in stock moves.

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To Enable this feature for manufacturing process:
Go to i.e :
Warehouse > Product > Products.

Select the box Track Manufacturing Lots from the products form. It also will be in the Lots section on the Inventory tab.

Input production serial number in the manufacturing order.

Select production serial number in the Manufacturing Order form which would be in Finished Products tab. Click on the Products to Finish that you wish to trace.

This would open a new window, Link manufacturing order to a serial number by clicking on it in the Serial Number field.

Once some of the manufacturing orders are linked to serial numbers, it can be traced through Warehouse > Traceability > Serial Number.

This view allows you select a particular serial number, from various serial numbers linked to a product. you can also get the option to choose from Upstream Traceability and Downstream Traceability on selecting a serial number.

mrp system - streams

Upstream Traceability

Unlike its name, it initiates from the raw materials received from the supplier and follows the chain to the finished products delivered to customers. Note: Think of it as Where Used else the name might confuse you.
Downstream Traceability 

Likewise Upstream Traceability, downstream traceability has a confusing name and is often mistaken as upstream direction. To save the confusion think of it as where supplied. It basically follows the product in the other direction which is from customer to the different suppliers of raw material.

Various lines show the stock moves associated with the product. There are several stock moves that are traced due to the Bill of Materials attached to the product.

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