Microsoft Power BI

The most powerful and advanced online business analytics and data visualization platform

MS Power BI is the key and modern tool for businesses to analyze, understand and predict business and its market behavior, further helping managers to take up profitable decisions for the brighter future of an organization. With the Power BI’s dashboard, you can statistically interpret business data both quantitatively as well as qualitatively helps in your future decision-making. So why wait up? It’s the tool every business needs today. Contact Nevpro Business Solutions for calibrating and implementing Microsoft Power BI one of the best business intelligence tools for your business.


Why Microsoft Power BI?

MS Power BI – The best business intelligence tool

Quick and Direct Insights: Microsoft Power BI tool helps in providing the right initial insights of the business quickly, Furthermore, with the hybrid integration feature the Power BI dashboard can be integrated and connected with dashboards of Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Common and Extensive Data Collection: The Microsoft Business Intelligence tool supports the data collection of standard data to day business data as well as extensive data collection of different entities and attributes.

Customizable dashboard: The MS Power BI has a customizable dashboard that helps you to navigate to the required data and reports quickly

Reliable Data Updation: The analysis and business managers need not send files of larger sizes via mail or other file dump tools, once the data is uploaded to the MS Power BI it can be viewed and analyzed by everyone who has access to the organization. This saves time and reduces extra work. The power bi dashboard updates the day in real-time for each end of the user helping the users to understand and solve problems easily. Moreover, the date updated can be restricted and modified at any level by the authorized as per the need.

Multiple levels of Security: You can also customize the security capabilities based on the hierarchy as well as users as per the need of the organization.

AI Integration: Power BI is integrated with image recognition, text analytics, Azure Machine Learning, and more AI tools. In addition to this, you can create machine-learning models based on the data and reports available. Moreover Power BI supports API integration helping other software solutions to use the data from Power BI.

Advanced Reporting: With the Microsoft PowerBI tools you can generate business analyst functional, forecasting reports, and more. Their reports can be customized and filtered based on the various inbuilt features as well as customizable ones.

Products Under Microsoft Power BI

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop is a free tool designed for small enterprises. You may build reports and export them in many formats with Power BI Desktop.

Power BI Pro

You may share Power BI reports and access additional capabilities with the pay-per-user license known as Power BI Pro.

Premium Power BI:

This license may be scaled in and out as needed and is intended for major corporations and organizations.

Power BI Mobile Apps

These are programs for tablets and smartphones that allow sharing and viewing of Power BI reports and dashboards on the go or remotely.

Power BI Report Server

For companies who must maintain their data on internal servers, Power BI Report Server is an on-premises version of the software that is suited.

Power BI Embedded

You can install and integrate Power BI apps with this version and achieve better results than creating analytical capabilities from scratch.

Power BI Service

 You can link data from the cloud and share reports with other users using the Power BI Service, an online Software as a Service (SaaS). However, the premium edition is the only one that lets you access Power BI Service.

Top Benefits of Using Microsoft Power BI

Data visualization
Examining and analyzing what-if scenarios in business
Realtime and Forecast business matrix report generation

Power BI Components

Power BI Query: Collect, transform, and analyze data from multiple sources of the business operation.

Power BI Pivot: Data modeling with Data Analysis Expression (DAX) language to create simple and complex data models for business operations. Microsoft Power BI does data computation with data models from different sources.

Power BI View: Create graphs, maps, charts, and other visuals with simple drag-and-drop features within the data models for customized report generation and data analysis.

Power BI Map: 3D Bing map generation with the help of data models. These maps are created based on country, longitude, and latitude which is helpful for international business.

Power BI Q&A: You can explore the data that have been uploaded to each data model with the help of voice commands, filters, and others. It is integrated with Cortana (Microsoft’s virtual assistant) to give quick and more analytical answers.

Power BI Desktop: Power BI Desktop is a free application that brings all the data from Power Pivot, Power Query, and Power View to a single platform. Along with 10 GB storage capability and a 1 GB uploading limit it also provides access to Power BI visualization templates and libraries.

Power BI Service: Helpful to post reports on the cloud and share them with other users as it’s hosted in Azure. Helping in live report generation and sharing and connecting with Power BI Dashboard.

Power BI Apps: Provides access to data, reports, and the Power BI dashboard. Their apps are available for iOS, Windows, and Android devices allowing you to access your business data even remotely.

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