Best Logo Maker Mobile Apps for Your Brand in 2022

Logo Maker App
Logo Maker App

Yes, logo design apps work as stunning assistance to build hassle-free brand logos right from mobile devices. Since businesses reached a great extent of level digitally and logo maker apps make worth around that tech globe. However, now you can turn your regular JPG file into SVG logo format with the help of an online JPG to SVG converter.

Well, we are gathered the perfect logo to make mobile applications through which you can easily design your brand logos.

Did You Know!

When you people design your logo on mobile, you will already be familiar with the case what your business logo will look like on other’s mobile screens. You can even find that most of your audiences will often first come across your business on their phones. Moreover, for logo formats like SVG conversions, you could visit which even offers the best JPG to SVG converter to export regular jpg image files as an SVG vector file for free of cost.

1) DesignApp

If you are seeking variety and creative freedom work, then this logo designer is the ultimate option for you. This handy app provides you with a blank canvas through which you can add icons, badges, shapes, fonts, and badges to create the best and most original art designs. Besides that, experts always preferred SVG vector file for the best design just because it is XML based file type and comes with high quality, while JPG does not. That’s why they also account with a free version JPG to SVG converter that is suitable for your JPG into SVG conversion need.

Even this logo maker app comes with a pre-made template for a small price. Once your design is completed, you can be able to email your logo.

  • Provides you with impressive number of design options
  • Loaded with over 600 different fonts
  • Explore thousands of icons, shapes, and badges
  • Logos are directly shared through email to users and even available in compatible and high-quality formats with transparent backgrounds
  • The most appealing reason to use this app is that it is available for both Android and iOS.

2) Logo Maker – A Design Creator

It is indicated as the perfect tool for those who need to attain high customizable options for logo designing. Moreover, if you want to save JPG as SVG logo vector format and keep the quality high, then an online JPG to SVG Converter is the tool that is required right now.

You can even choose from some suggested black and white template options by using this handy app. Also, you could easily edit fonts, colors, and even add stickers or also lets you decorate your design by using “ribbons”. If your brands have a casual, laid-back vibe, then this is a great option for branding.

  • Fetch best editor that are quite easy to navigate
  • Provides you with advanced customization room, even you can explore a wide array of robust design elements
  • Explore over 100 fonts to create a logo

3) ICONA – Logo Maker

This tool is loaded with a blank canvas through which you can choose artwork parameters like Shapes, text, and drawings. You can be able to choose a shape and even make a search for icons that are around your product globe. ICONA allows you to add your company name to the design and then choose a font that matches. If your font logo is saved as JPG and you want to vectorize it, then first turn it into SVG with the free and online JPG to SVG converter.

  • Loaded with a bunch of icons and even provide stunning font options to choose from
  • The most appealing thing is that all the given icons are editable by opacity, color, and stroke as well
  • Fetch its tremendous drawing option to quickly draw your own shapes

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