Integration of new provider with vTiger 6.1 SMSNotifier

SMSNotifier gives you the flexibility to send text messages to your customers. You can send text messages to multiple records in one shot. In addition to manually sending out messages, you can also forward automatic notifications triggered by workflows in Vtiger CRM.

Vtiger CRM supports the following SMS gateways to help you send messages from within your Vtiger CRM account:
1. Text anywhere
2. Clickatell
3. Mobile Messenger
4. India SMS

For integrating the new SMS service provider with SMS notifier do the following steps:

        1. Import the SMS Notifier module of vTiger CRM from module manager.
        2. Once you install the module manager it will generate the folder /SMSNotifer under /Module folder of vTiger
        3. Under SMS Notifier there is folder provider which has the file “MyProvider.php”. Replace this file name with your new provider name.Open changed file and make necessary change as below.
          Make sure the parameter which you need to pass to the SMS provider would be same as what you have mentioned in the file. Like username, password, message, mobile number etc. You need to change following parameter in the file: const SERVICE_URI = ‘’; change appropritate name of the phone and SMStext based on your service input. public function send($message, $tonumbers) {whatever parameter you define it would display as text box in SMS Notifier server configuration.
        4. After completing the above steps this SMS Notifier is ready to go.
          Now you just have to go to Settings, click on Studio then Module Manager. Go to SMS Notifier settings click on server configuration then click “New Configuration” it will list the in drop list just set the details.

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