The 10 Most Important Features of CRM Software

CRM Software
CRM Software

Certainly, CRM is the sole key point responsible for the business’s success. Moreover, the firms that use CRM software can easily anticipate the outcome and growth of an organization.

However, the tool is helpful to predict the needs of consumers through previous interactions and purchases. The management software is all about delivering quality service and helping companies to build a strong association with clients. Positively, the company is benefited greatly by keeping a check on users and preparing a funnel to convert leads into customers.

As per the statistics, the Global value of CRM in the year 2020 was about $52.64 billion and is expected to reach $128.97 billion by the year 2028.

The article will discuss the perks of having effective CRM software. Let’s check them out!

List of CRM software features

Lead management

The tool collects leads from every associated online platform such as social media, visitors forms, and the email section. This CRM software makes sure that no lead is lost. The sales department can easily access the data and pick out potential prospects to sort qualified visitors. Moreover, it keeps a check on the lead’s progress to design strategies to nurture potential leads.

Contact management

Significantly, it is a core feature of CRM that manages the client data and leads to the common access point. Additionally, contact management can also identify the interactions whether in a written or verbal medium and check who interacted with the user and what was the conversation about.

Therefore, the information is very fruitful for the sales team to have an idea regarding the requirements of their prospect. It offers an overview of collective data of leads and current customers. Contact management stores names, addresses, and accounts of social media platforms of the users. Positively, it saves the employees from remembering the details of every client.

Reporting and analytics

The analytics and reporting feature is a crucial part of CRM software to guide businesses towards growth. It helps to trace the profits, retention of customers, and potency of marketing efforts depending on data gathered from various channels.

The detailed reports display the business’s performance as measured on distinct metrics.

Customer service

Customer retention is easy with the help of CRM. It helps to deliver satisfactory services to the clients. Moreover, it identifies the platform from where the lead is acquired. It keeps a record of every activity such as visits and purchases that can be utilized in the future. Every individual expects a quick response to their query and it is equally important to maintain customer relationships. Positively, CRM has an integrated feature to send an automated acknowledgment to the client or to make them feel valued.

Integration of Social media

Well, integrating social media with CRM offers businesses the to connect with users via different channels. It encourages the marketing executives to keep an eye on feedback and engagement of the customer on social media. It not only observes the user activity on social media but also helps to acquire new leads and plan further marketing strategies to promote the product.

Email And SMS Automation

Marketing through Email and SMS is an effective way of informing the prospects and presenting to customers the offers and services. The sales executives have access to customize the email templates in CRM equipped with email marketing features.

An automated SMS triggered from CRM software also delivers informative updates to the clients regarding new services.

Sales automation

The CRM is equipped with the feature of Sales automation. However, every CRM software is efficient enough to perform basic automating tasks like scheduling appointments, sending emails to get follow-ups, and data entry. But, it is vital to opt for the tool that offers features to enhance sales. Every SME will benefit from the customer relationship management tool to handle their administrative activities. It is very convenient to forecast the sales in the future based on the pipeline. It offers an opportunity to mend the sales strategy for the coming days as per today’s performance.

Inventory management

Well, inventory management features make CRM software a must-have tool for every business. It updates the owners about the level of stock and location to meet the requirement of products. It keeps the check on inventory and ensures that the business never witnesses interrupted operations.

Point of Sale

A CRM with the point of sale feature is a common point where inventory, customer service, and sales merge. It stores the client information and traces the process till successful conversion from the initial contact point. It simplifies the process of segmenting the customers based on their needs and planning an effective marketing strategy.

Appointment Management

Indeed, CRM software possesses the capability to manage the appointment of a firm. Significantly, this feature allows one to update the available slots on the interface and accept bookings. The user has an option to schedule the appointment at their convenient time. Similarly, the staff member can decide how many appointments to take per day by customizing the interface and displaying the time and date.

Online Booking

The CRM facilitates one to book online appointments 24*7 through the URLs or the social media option integrated on the website. This feature gives freedom to the users to book and cancel the meeting conveniently. But, the company can also mention the cancellation policies to avoid no-shows. The staff can mention their availability to take bookings that suit them.


To sum up, CRM software is very important for running seamless business operations and performing administrative activities. Moreover, the tool has various features that help to boost the growth and revenue of the company. But, It is equally important to select the correct CRM that comes with well-integrated features and can help reduce the workload.

Hopefully, the article is helpful in describing the important features of CRM software for the business. Feel free to get in touch for more information.

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