How to Make many2many Field Record Checkbox Checked Automatically by a Condition??


Step 1: Define default method for that Many2many field.

Step 2: In that default method return ids of records which has to be checked by default.

This will automatically check that record under Many2many field.



In Product tab under “Manufacturing” menu,you can see field Routes(Many2many) under Page “Inventory”.This field has widget=”many2many_checkboxes”.

Out of Make to order,Buy and Manufacture only “Buy” is selected by default.


Routing_id field –>

‘route_ids’: fields.many2many(‘stock.location.route’, ‘stock_route_product’, ‘product_id’, ‘route_id’, ‘Routes’, domain=”[(‘product_selectable’, ‘=’, True)]”,

help=”Depending on the modules installed, this will allow you to define the route of the product: whether it will be bought, manufactured, MTO/MTS,…”),

route_ids = fields.Many2many(default=lambda self: self._get_buy_route())


Default Method –>


def _get_buy_route(self):

buy_route = self.env.ref(‘purchase.route_warehouse0_buy’)

if buy_route:

return buy_route.ids

return []



“route_warehouse0_buy” is the record id of “Buy” from  ‘stock.location.route’  relation which is by default selected.

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