How to install Bitrix24 On-Premise?

Bitrix24 On-premise version
Bitrix24 On-premise version

Bitrix24 is an answer for enterprise communications and collaboration delivered for companies of any size. The gadget unites gear classically belonging to company intranets with CRM, undertaking control and social collaboration factors to shape the highest quality digital printing platform.

There are numerous times when on-premise Bitrix24 variations must be used as opposed to the cloud – while regulation calls for that statistics must be saved in a particular location, whilst you won’t supply code access, whilst you want Bitrix24 equipment that is not to be had in the cloud or whilst you do not need to apply cloud offerings because of inner policies.

Feature-wise, the Self-hosted model consists of greater equipment and modules as compared to the Cloud model. You can develop a custom intranet project using the Self-hosted version.

You can also check out our Bitrix24 On-premise installation video on our youtube channel.

Bitrix24 On-premise Installation

Installation & Deployment

Installation and deployment on an internet server of your choice Requires corresponding hardware and software program infrastructure Unlimited disk garage space (relies upon your web website hosting provider’s capability and plans)

Product Customization

  • Custom logo 
  • Custom domain name 
  • Custom authorization page (welcome page) 
  • Custom color schemes and templates (CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript) 
  • Custom layouts, custom menus 
  • Full source code availability 
  • Full front-end access 
  • Full back-end access 
  • Complete module, structure, and contents management 
  • An advanced set of administrative tools 
  • Localization tools (product can be translated into any language)

Enterprise Level Integration

  • Flexible access rights and permissions for User Groups and individual users 
  • LDAP / Active Directory 
  • NTLM authentication / SSO 
  • MS Exchange (Calendars) 
  • MS SharePoint (Lists)


  • Manually scheduled backups 
  • Cloud storage option for backups 
  • Built-in backup/restore tools 
  • Security & Safety
  • Security measures and access procedures can be adjusted manually 
  • Proactive filter WAF (Web Application Firewall) 
  • Built-in security tools with full access at the back end of your product copy

Product Features & Tools

Set of features defined by product edition

  • Additional HelpDesk tools 
  • Additional e-Learning tools 
  • Additional CMS tools 
  • Additional security tools 
  • Additional scalability tools


In this article, you will get to know Bitrix24 On-premise installation step-by-step. We also have uploaded our youtube video on Bitrix24 On-premise installation.

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