How to Hire Android App Developers in 2022

Android has always been the most preferred platform in the mobile app development market. According to Statista, Android OS share is expected to reach 87.4%. It simply means Android will help businesses to reach wider audiences. In 2019 the global mobile app revenue reached $46 billion, and it is predicted to grow  $936 billion in 2023. Sounds impressive? But, do you think about what makes an application successful? How can an app generate massive revenue for businesses?

There are numerous applications that have failed to gain customer’s attention and success. Thousands of apps are leading in the market, but some are battling to survive in the digital realm. An app failure can be caused due to multiple reasons. Maybe it does not technically sound or not offering user-friendly features.

Out of all the bases, there could be one prime reason which is, the app is not built with relevant expertise and knowledge. Creating a feature-packed app that covers all the technical aspects is much-needed to make it successful. It is recommended to hire an Android app developer who has the potential to develop an innovative app that meets your business requirements and users’ expectations.

To hire a professional Android developer, you have to follow a benchmark. A wide array of Android apps service providers are already available in the market; It becomes complex to find the best one. Well, to connect with industry experts, there are certain factors that you should consider while hiring an app developer.

Below are the points that you must keep in mind while hiring an Android developer for your project:

Knowledge of programming languages

Kotlin and Java are the two prime languages required for Android app development. The developer you will hire must have familiarity with the fundamentals of these two programming languages. Developers should know their frameworks, syntax, multithreading and concurrency, and generics. Test your developer’s programming skills by conducting a short programming skills assessment test.

Android SDK or Software Development Kit

Android SDK is a complete package that helps Android developers to develop an app much faster. Android SDK is a must-have package for all Android app developers. Let’s take an example; if you want to integrate your application with Facebook, you need to use the SDK from Facebook to enhance the development process to complete the project on time.

Knowledge of Android Studio

Android Studio is the most significant Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that facilitates Android developers with a wide range of Android SDKs.


APIs are utilized to connect your app with any third-party apps or services. For example, you can use Google APIs to help you target users to search for local places, and locate nearby references via map within your app.

Use Of Databases

An app holds the bulk amount of data transactions. Every day billions of data transactions take place on the mobile application. Today, People use mobile apps for their every need, like ordering food, healthcare consultation, doctor’s appointment, and much more.

Developers prefer utilizing Firebase to collect data on the cloud and make it easily accessible across various devices. Developers should know how to work with databases like SQLite that provide offline support to users.

Basics of Material Design

Unlike Apple, Google did not focus on maintaining rational design across the application. Recently, Google released some guidelines, which is called Material Design. It is utilized as a foundation for UI/UX design.

Understanding of business processes and SDLC

Your Android app developer must know the logic and purpose behind your business decisions. It will help them strategize the mobile app development process, implement features and functionalities, and an app solution that completely meets your business needs.

Choose a monetization model

You must be developing an app that strengthens your business. Your app must address the user’s needs. Based on your business objective, choose a suitable monetization model.

If you are offering premium subscription plans, pay attention to your app functionality and design accordingly. If huge income is generated from advertising, then focus on your app’s performance. Ask your developer before finalizing the monetization model.

Focus on App Security

Ensure that the developer you hire follows the standard security measures. Apps with fewer security features can lead to failure. The developer you will hire should know about the right security measures to follow and prevent your app from any cyber-attacks.

Conduct Technical Interviews

Conduct an assessment exam to test the developer’s technical knowledge and capabilities. Shortlist the developer or outsource partner who can show their caliber and expertise in the assessment test.

Client’s Review

You can visit third-party platforms to check out the existing clients’ reviews. Checking client’s reviews will give you a clear picture of the developer’s work quality, product delivery, app development approach, and way of client handling.

Check Portfolio

Check developer’s portfolios to know their previous work. You can ask for their past work samples to see the quality of their products. The portfolio is an open book where you can evaluate a developer’s work and product quality.

Direct Communication

Schedule a call between you and the developer you have shortlisted. Communicate with him/her directly as it will also help you to check their communication skills.

Also, you can discuss all your project-related requirements to have a clear understanding. Direct communication is better for sharing project ideas and what your objective is behind your project.

Finalize The Deal After Signing the Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Discuss the project-related data, budget, development and delivery time, and timely coordination with your partner. Ask them to sign NDA documents to assure you that none of your project-related data will be disclosed without your consent.


Let’s wrap up the discussion. If you want to develop your Android app from scratch, hire an experienced app developer familiar with all the key factors that need to be included in successful mobile app development.

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