Once we install a specific module in Odoo, there is situation where we decide to hide some menu/submenus (unwanted menus for our customized module).

Possible ways to hide menus are: 

1.Hide from user interface

  1. i) Go to settings -> Groups -> create a group with no user inside it.
  2. ii) Go to settings -> technical -> user interface -> menu and search Reporting top                    Assign the menu item to that no user group.

NOTE: This way we can hide menu but the changes would be for current database only.If we create new database and install the module the menu will reappear.

2.Through xml file

  1. i) Create a group with no users in it.
  2. ii) Assign the menu item to that group.

NOTE: This can be a permanent solution, as we have made changes in xml file, the changes will reflect on creation on new database.

Example :

I have installed HR module and I want to hide Reporting Top menu.

1.<record id=”group_hide_menus” model=”res.groups”>

<field name=”name”>Restricted Menus Group</field>

<field name=”comment”>Restricted Menus Group</field>


Created record in res_groups with no users in it


2.<record model=”ir.ui.menu” id=”base.menu_reporting”>

<field name=”groups_id” eval=”[(6, 0, [ref(‘group_hide_menus’)])]”/>


Assigned Reporting top menu to that group which is Restricted Menus Group

Here record id is nothing but the Reporting Top menu id .

There are six numeric commands:

0 – creates a new object and adds it to the Many2many relation

1 – updates an object that already exists on the relation

2 – deletes an object that already exists on the relation

3 – removes an existing object from the relation, without deleting it

4 – adds an existing object to the relation

5 – removes all objects from the relation, without deleting them

6 – replaces previous objects existing on the relation with a new set of objects

As  here I have used eval=”[(6, 0, [ref(‘group_hide_menus’)])]” .The eval statement here     means, replace all existing ids in the groups_id field with the id for group Restricted Menus

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