How To Handle error in Pentaho Data Integration tool “KETTLE”

Error handling plays a very vital role in the process of execution of a program may it be a Transformation or a Job since it can adversely affect the performance of the whole process and thereby adding more miseries to our already miserable lives.

Therefore a proper handling process should always be a programmer’s first and foremost task.

PENTAHO has provided us with some great inbuilt features which can make this task simple and easygoing.The following blog gives you an overview on the same.

We took some sampledata from our database the one shown in the below screenshot.Our objective is to divide the incoming data into two steps with one handling the error and the other keeping the cleansed data.

Now right click on the Select values step and click on “Define Error Handling” .You will see the red coloured hop in the screenshot underneath which shows that error is pushed to this hop which joins the select values and Write to Log step and where you need to define the target step as “Write to Log”.Now the error coming through the select values step will be easily captured and written to the Write to Log step which will add an additional output column as Error Desc.

For reference see the following screenshots below.