How to create file based repository in Spoon

In this blog we will learn about creating file based repository in Pentaho data integration tool – Spoon

The following points focuses on why there is the need of using a repository:

1. Through Repository ETL metadata is stored centrally in organization

2. It allows concurrent access

3. Automatic inventory of all used transformations,jobs and connections.

4. Besides allows one to directly load execute transformations and jobs from the repository. So remote executions becomes easier aswell.

The following steps will help you create your own repository .

1. Go to the tools option and double click on the connect repository option .


2. Click on the + sign which will open a pop-up asking you to either create your own file based repository or DB repository. In here since we are creating a file-based repository so we will take the file-based repository option.


3. Now give the base directory where you want to store your repository along with the credentials needed for the same.


4. Lastly this is the look and feel when you select your transformations and jobs from your created repository.