How to Create Facebook Ads in Simple and Effective Way

Please Note: Following are only the Basic steps to create a Facebook Ad. For Creating a complete detailed and effective Facebook Ad as per your Budget Contact us

Facebook Ads is a great way to get traffic and leads for your website. Following are the simple steps to follow for creating effective ads.

  • First Click on create campaign in Facebook Ads Manager or Power editor
  • After creating objects, comes the heart of the Ads, Objectives. When your objectives are clear it is much easier to create an effective Facebook Ad.

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  • Select from the following objectives

After that an Advert account window will pop up, give a name to your advert account then select your country, currency and time zone and continue.

  • Then Select your Target Audience Demographics

facebook ad creation

For Detailed targeting you can select specific interests or can exclude certain Audience.

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Then select your Audience placement

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  • Then Select your Budget

facebook ad creation services

After that you have to select the Ad format i.e Text, Image, Video.

These are the basic steps to follow while creating a Facebook Ad, for detailed step-by-step Facebook Ads Creation contact us.