How to Create A Workflow With Bitrix24 To Boost Your Productivity?

The workflow within an organzation is one reason why that organzation is successful, productive, efficient, and goal-oriented. As most projects are different with respect to technology, clients, or the outcome, it is always a good idea to generate a new workflow or tinker with the old ones. As a Bitrix services provider in India, we can help your organzation to be better managed. In this blog, we will see how some of the ways how you create a new one with Bitrix24, modify an old one and how to approach a new workflow.

The Biggest Room

Improvement is the biggest or the other way around but the sentiment still stands, analyze why the current workflow needs an overhaul? Sometimes the team wants a new one or the last couple of projects didn’t land on its feet. It doesn’t matter, let’s make the room bigger. With our Bitrix services that room gets a lot bigger pretty quickly.

People First

As a leading Bitrix services provider in India, many clients come to us with the same problem, which is managing people. Nothing is more important than the people in an organzation, choose people who are creative, team players, and experts in their skills and talents. Make sure there no one who will be multitasking, this puts a strain on the individual and soon trickles down the entire workflow. Be specific with tasks, deadlines, and goals. Remove irrelevant or unproductive tasks as well, this takes up way more time than you think.

Focus on the Focus

Every customer wants to be different to their end-user with respect to their competition, that difference must be the focus of the project as well. For example, if the client wants a memorable user experience, the UI/UX team will be the focus instead of the testing team or development team. That doesn’t mean they are not needed though, they still need to deliver but having landing on the expectations of the client is also equally important. Our Bitrix services focus on solving the problems in your workflow.

Break Down

Big things are complex and smaller things are simple. Tell your team members to further break down their process, this gives individuals a big picture of what their contribution to the end result will be. Bitrix24 provides many project management tools with customizable workflows. Leverage it to the maximum. With our Bitrix solutions, you get to manage every minute aspect of projects in your organization. 

Co-ordinated Information Exchange

In simpler words just communicate better, any obstacle can be huge for an individual but with communication and collaboration, they tend to be pretty small in the end. Documentation and knowledge sharing are important, start documenting every small and big task. Ensure that the documentation is easy to find and edit as well, according to a survey, employees spend almost three hours a week looking for documents. With our Bitrix customization services, you get to choose different types of documentation tools.

Delegate and Automate

What is the use of using a collaboration tool like Bitrix24, if you are not fully leveraging its capabilities? Automate the repetitive and inane tasks with ease, instead of being repetitive be creative. With our Bitrix services, you get a custom solution with multiple automated tools.

Bend With The Wind

The new workflow will be a bit much for some, let them adjust and also take feedbacks. Nothing is perfect and nothing ever will be. So make adjustments that further streamline the process. Again take whatever works for the team and the project. There is no rule when making a new workflow.

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