How Odoo ERP Is Better Than Its Competition?

All growing businesses nowadays leverage all the latest technologies to provide the clients with the best product and services, the advantages of using these technologies are how they can have a real-world impact by converting the quote of “money saved is money earned” into real-world metrics be it saving money or saving time. As a well-known Odoo ERP company in India, we have helped many companies to integrate Odoo ERP into existing applications.   ERPs are being used by companies to do the same, using automation to save time, AI-powered CRMs to streamline the sales pipeline, and more. With many big-name ERPs, taking no names here, many a time they are useless until there are a specific number of employees or some billions of dollars in money coming in. There are very few ERPs which is usable for an enterprise company and a startup, one of them is Odoo ERP and Odoo ERP has grown in a very short to the be choice of many startups, eCommerce startups and more. As a well-known Odoo ERP company, we help you with choosing the right Odoo ERP solution.  

Other ERPs vs Odoo

Many big-name ERPs are not as flexible as Odoo, with Odoo ERP, individual modules can be bought and paid independently, unlike Odoo’s competition where modules are bunched together. As a well-known Odoo ERP company, we help companies choose the best Odoo ERP modules. Many times, many modules will be interdependent on each other making it difficult to select and use many ERPs. These modules are bunched together to tackle specific business problems, when it comes to Odoo ERP, they have an entirely different approach. With Odoo ERP, startups can buy only the collaboration modules without accounting and CRM modules. The business has solved their collaboration without buying any modules which they don’t need. An eCommerce startup can by the Odoo CRM and accounting modules, modules that help to tackle business problems. Let us see some of the unique features of Odoo ERP. As an Odoo customization service in India, we have helped many companies to leverage Odoo ERP to meet their business goals.

Usability and Practicality

ERPs are complex programs, they have many modules which are involved in complex processes and more. As a well-known Odoo ERP company, we have helped my companies to leverage Odoo ERP.  For many years ERPs were all about solving business problems, streamlining existing structures, and more. ERPs were never really about ease of use, easy to navigate, or general usability of the ERPs. Training sessions were conducted where ever a company started using an ERP and that was it. Odoo ERP has bucked this trend by being visually appealing, more usable, more practical by having a low learning curve. As a well-known Odoo ERP company, we provide the usable and practical Odoo to tackle all business challenges. 


As mentioned in a previous paragraph, Odoo ERP is pretty flexible when it comes to its modules, here another thing mentioned is that this flexibility has also become one of the negatives associated with Odoo ERP, the pricing of Odoo ERP is complicated since users get to choose all the modules. Sometimes users continue without choosing all the necessary modules and sometimes pay for modules they don’t need. So enjoy the flexibility but be informed. So even with a low-cost license fee, companies can reach their desired targets. And if companies are using some other solutions, Odoo ERP is good with integration with third-party applications as well. As a well-known Odoo ERP company in India, we have the expertise to help you with anything and everything Odoo ERP. 


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