How is Mobile App Empowering The Next Business Resolution?

All of us are aware of how consumer behavior is continuing to evolve. In response to this fast-paced evolution, companies continuously need to embrace new strategies for precisely targeting and meeting consumer needs. For several years, businesses have been depending on mobile apps as the most efficient business solutions for addressing their customer needs and branding requirements. Apps are now the most significant digital assets for business brands.

Irrespective of the app features and user experience attributes, every app caters to several customer needs. Apps are now slowly turning into growth-propelling tools for businesses around the world. Let us have a quick look at the key ways mobile apps are spearheading this revolution.

Value creation with personalized customer experience

All businesses must meet customer demands with some unique value propositions that help a brand stand out easily from the competition. Value creation directly converts into business gains, where mobile apps play an essential role.

A mobile user experience equipped with mobile wallets, personalized product recommendations, and sophisticated user experience can easily add to customers’ motivations to return to the business quite often. On top of that, personalization in the shopping experience helps a business stay competitive with big brands.

Let us now provide here some time-tested and industry-acclaimed ways mobile app development services can deliver a more personalized customer experience.

Delivering a highly personalized app experience becomes easier by efficiently addressing customers by their names and other personal attributes.
Through mobile apps, you can allow customers to set and customize notification settings.
Users can send personalized notifications depending on user behavior, user context, and data inputs.
Personalized user experience can also be ensured through tailored in-app messages targeting particular user intent.
The mobile app allows choosing personalized menu options based on user preferences.
An AI-powered recommendation engine can help customers with personalized suggestions on products, services, content, and media.

Mobile apps customer support

You no longer need those customer support call centers to answer customer queries and solve customer issues. These days a live chat or chatbot function provided through a mobile app can provide good customer support. While intelligent chatbots based upon individual customer profiles can offer personalized answers and solutions to issues, live chat can incorporate human support where it is necessary.

Enhance customer retention

One fundamental way to ensure optimum customer loyalty is to offer a highly sophisticated and customer-centric experience. Mobile apps allow a business to do away with the entire range of promotions and traditional ads that consume a massive sum of money while always appearing with an expiry date.

A mobile app with an on-screen presence all around the day can ensure more effortless and continuous customer engagement that results in more frequent customer footfalls and an increased customer retention rate.

Providing omnichannel experience

Certain businesses having physical and online stores can use mobile apps to deliver an Omnichannel experience or integrated shopping experience to the customers. This can be of great value for physical stores that are just building their e-commerce and mobile commerce presence.

A customer can be lured by mobile app notifications for promotions and offers available on both online and offline stores. A customer, after adding a product to the online cart, can complete the purchase offline. For a sophisticated omnichannel experience, mobile apps play the most elementary role.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) represent the most cost-competitive way to deliver a sophisticated and state-of-the-art mobile experience. PWAs are websites that provide an array of native app-like features and capabilities. Businesses that cannot afford to build native apps can switch their existing website to a PWA and ensure an engaging app user experience.

Despite being accessible across desktops and mobile devices, PWAs are primarily known for their lucid and native mobile experience. In short, it brings the best of both worlds, namely the web and mobile apps, while doing away with the huge cost burden of native apps.

The emergence of PWAs as a highly competitive alternative to a mobile app cannot be viewed without the context of the mobile app revolution. Because of the PWAs, too many enterprises that cannot afford the cost-intensive app projects can now deliver the same experience by tweaking their existing websites. This is why the tech revolution spearheaded by mobile apps cannot be thought of without considering PWAs.

Incremental development based on the MVP approach

Years ago, an app project pertaining to a small business always needed to build a fully-fledged app loaded with all intended features and functionalities. But such an app project used to involve significant development costs and long-term challenges. This is where the incremental development approach came as a great alternative. MVP or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is about building an app incrementally by adding audience-validated features over time through subsequent updates.

Apart from saving the development cost, the MVP approach also helps in minimizing the development risks of an app project by simply doing away with the possibilities of course correction. Since an app project is starting small with minimal features, there are fewer chances of going wrong. This reduces the cost of post-development fixes and rectifying app functions.

MVP development approach ensures creating an app with elementary features and providing rolling out the app quickly in the market. Developed based on audience feedback incorporating changes and making value additions to such app projects becomes hugely accessible.


Mobile apps are likely to remain irreplaceable tools for business brands to push customer engagement, branding, and streamlined business conversion. This is why most of the new technologies are penetrating the business space primarily through mobile apps.

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