How Dependable is Answering Services for Small Businesses?

A live call answering service is often a solution for larger companies with its use case for small businesses questioned.  However, a flexible answering service could be just what a small business needs when dealing with higher traffic than usual. The service can also act as a way to funnel, and screen calls for sales and support teams, ensuring every caller receives the highest level of care.

As a smaller business, when the company is thriving, things can get overwhelming quickly, with limited resources and calls that won’t stop pouring in – it’s often in these periods that significant changes are needed to see the workplace grow.

professionally answer every call

This article will explore the benefits of introducing a call answering service into a small business and how dependable the service is.

Provide 24/7 Support Even On Holidays

Due to technological advancement and the internet age, it’s common for customers to choose a business that offers on-demand service, especially if it’s an urgent matter or support enquiry. While not every customer who calls on a Saturday morning requires urgent support, they can feel reassured that they have reached the right place and their issue/enquiry will be looked after rather than the phone line ringing out.

Holidays are also no exception from this, as a product or service can break down at any time, and it’s in these times that virtual call answering services work to handle the calls your employees can’t. An answering service can help triage important calls to offsite workers or leave detailed messages for employees when they’re next in the office. Either way, your customers are getting dependable customer service, and in short, a call answering service can boost client retention in your off-hours.

Build Reliability

One of the most crucial parts of growing a small business is developing a good reputation through word of mouth. This part of the process is often where a start-up will fail as no investment is put into building a brand to share within the community. That’s why when looking to boost customer reviews and satisfaction; it becomes crucial for your company to be there from the very first call.  So if you can’t be the one to act as the first contact, why not utilise a dedicated live call answering to ensure new and existing customers are seen too.

By professionally attending to customers and responding to queries or complaints, live call answering services help grow the business with an empathetic, enthusiastic and persuasive approach. Having someone on the other end to listen can even turn unhappy callers into satisfied customers by knowing their problems were recognised and validated.

Reduce In-House Costs

Many small businesses don’t have the budget for an in-house virtual receptionist, let alone one available after hours. But when it comes to using a professional live call answering service, this method is the cost-effective alternative as agents are already trained to handle each call professionally. Hiring an answering service can also help reduce software and equipment cost significantly as they use the latest technology in call answering and recording tools to receive, log and distribute messages – meaning your team won’t miss a thing!

Start with a Sense of Professionalism

Professionalism ensures credibility and accountability that helps you set a brand image, gaining reliability and trust from clients. As an essential element of a company, a professional attitude establishes long-term customer relationships.

A 24/7 call answering services can help streamline your calls and create a uniformity to each ticket which signals professionalism. A call agent works as the first contact to assess the client’s needs then transfer them to the right employee or contact. This service eliminates clients forgetting who they were speaking to, unloading an issue onto someone who isn’t equipped to help, or any information getting lost, making for a more professional workflow for both the company and customers alike.

Get a Personalised Service for Business Needs

Reputed call answering services believe that no one package fits all for businesses and provide personalised services that cater to the individual’s needs. With a dedicated call answering service, you can deliver quality customer service without compromising the safety and security of customers and your company. To start, you may use a service to filter out unwanted or spam calls before introducing appointment booking, payment processing or even emergency support.

Virtual Receptionist Services
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Maximise Return On Investment (ROI)

Most small businesses spend a lot of time, effort, and money promoting and advertising their business through different outbound and digital methods. However, there’s no point in spending a budget on marketing if the customer service that meets the response is inadequate or not there. Without having a dedicated team to handle the influx of calls during promotions, you’re losing out on your advertisements and promotional campaigns. Missing calls during advertising projects contribute to a loss of investment, with clients likely to move on rather than waiting.  Partnering with a 24/7 live call answering service during these busy periods means that no call goes unanswered and can dramatically boost ROI.

Increase Staff Productivity

Usually, when customers call in, a lot of time needs to be invested in ensuring the client is understood and heard. In-house receptionists dedicate most of their time to performing this task, and relying on others who have other responsibilities is counterproductive for the business and overall workflow management. Moreover, training staff to handle calls is also expensive and time-consuming when they would be better focusing solely on the tasks they were hired to do.

These issues directly and negatively impact staff productivity as staff have to dedicate time to taking calls and ensuring the information goes to the right person if a message is taken. This split focus can be remedied by an integrated live call answering service to boosts staff proficiency and ensures no information is lost in the process.

So there you have our top benefits on how an Odoo Implementation service for your small business could be the right choice. If you’re still unsure – why not give an agency a call and see how their services can boost your business today.

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